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Monday, July 23, 2012

Parisian Triumph (Hopefully)

As promised we can now start talking about bigger and better things- like the Olympics around the corner.  (Although thanks to those of you who commented about your disappointment in your 3rd place finishes too... we should start a club... and I see the competition for next year being MEGA fierce with just us to contend with!)

For the last two Olympic games I have participated in the Rav-[REDACTED] (see here for context*) "games" wherein we commit to knitting some kind of project(s) for the duration of the Olympic games in order to "medal".  In 2008 I knit a pair of challenging Cookie A socks and in 2010 I committed to two pairs of socks and in both cases I was successful.

(My Ravelry "gold" medals for finishing)

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do this year.  I want a challenge, I also am kind of "socked out" (I'm sure you've noticed...) at the moment and I couldn't just get excited about knitting another pair of socks or multiple pairs. I also need to be realistic, I have a little one that takes away the knitting time and I want to challenge myself but not over-reach.  And so- I've decided to mix it up this year and compete in the MITTEN MEDLEY for Team Canada.

Ravellenic 2012
(I am ridiculously proud of my crappy photoshop skillz in making this icon and was giggling furiously at my clever-ness.)

I've chosen a lovely Faire Isle (eek!) mitten pattern to match my winter coat.  (That's not the designer, just someone who has already been successful knitting these.)  I have a serious soft spot for Paris- I know they're the "London Games" but I couldn't resist these mittens any longer.  I picked up the right yarn at the Pudding Stampede sale and have completed my "Olympic training" by swatching for the project.


(This allowed in the context of the games... you wouldn't run the marathon without training and I wouldn't dream of casting on my challenge without knowing what tool I would require to knit it with.  In this case it's a US 2 DPN.)

Starting on Friday I will cast on.  Blogging progress everyday would be tough (and take away from the time I'll need to complete these), but I have made my Ravelry page public and thanks to a lovely photo app on my phone, I will post an update picture every night for you to track my progress.   (I also have created a quick link in the sidebar there so you don't have to go looking for this post each time to see how I've progressed.  -------> check it out!)

I'm excited to get started on my Olympic knitting, but in the mean time, I'm quickly making progress on the Cupcake set.  I need to make a run over to Pudding today to pick up some buttons to finish this off.  (I'm also seriously thinking about knitting a little set of mittens too... we'll see.)  I LOVE this baby sweater pattern- and would highly recommend it to those needing something simple.  It's a GREAT pattern!


So yes, feeling full of hope and promise over here and looking forward to the next two weeks.  I'm going to need a cheering section because I'm nervous I may have bitten off more than I can chew with  these mittens.  But- that's the point.  I'm doing this because I'm going to try my best and see if I can win, kind of like an Olympic Athlete.  Wish me luck?

*someone over at the US Olympic Committee takes themselves WAAAAAY too seriously...


Mary said...

Good luck with the mittens, I will be cheering you on!

Kerstin said...

LOVE those mittens!! If anyone can do them in two weeks, it is you. Good luck! (The comments of the US Olympic Committee were beyond hysterical.)