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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Knitting Guilt

The thing is... I should be working on these projects:

In white, is the baby blanket that is for a baby that's essentially due ANY DAY NOW- and I am only half done. Thankfully it knits up very quickly... that is, when I'm actually knitting it- which doesn't seem to be happening much. And the grey blob, (hmmm, perhaps the blue couch not the best spot for a picture of the grey sock?), otherwise known as Dad's socks of SHAME is mere hours away from completetion. Why are these projects, that already have designated homes and deadlines, sitting in various stages of completion?

I am apparently very easily distracted:

Pictured here is the NEW! EXCITING! SOCK! that I couldn't wait to work on. Yes, these are the candy necklace socks of my own design (!) Not only is the yarn a pure pleasure to work with, but I can't help but wondering how they're going to turn out and it if they'll look like how I pictured them in my head.

The only thing that is preventing me from enjoying these socks to the maximum degree is the lingering unfinished object guilt, knowing that there are objects who were technically there first. Why is it half way through a project I'm seduced to do something else? Why can't second socks knit themselves?

I am officially making a bargain with myself. I can finish ONE candy necklace sock, only because I know I won't knit anything else anyways. BUT, once sock 1 is done, I'm not allowed to do sock 2, until the blanket and dad's socks are finished. (I HAVE to get that blanket done, given that I want to make a blanket for a friend who had an early baby, and I've promised her a blanket in June!) That is... as long as I can resist the siren call of my pretty koigu yarn, that is beckoning me to make it into socks too.

I am WEAK!

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