It has been since I last bought yarn!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

One Step Forward, TWO Steps Back

Good News! It's done! The Downer Blanket is complete! (AND, might I add, the final product is anything but a downer...)

Pattern: from Leisure Arts Our Best Baby Afgans "A Shower of Love" by Brooke Shellflower

Yarn: Bernat Baby Softee in "Antique White"

Needles: US size 6

Notes: This pattern, despite having a rough start for myself, was a fun knit. I rarely got bored of it, which is so often the case with baby blanket and the finished product just looks outstanding! Just look at it close up!

I can't wait to give it to the new parents!

But- just as I was able to cast one blanket off and come closer to the end of my blanket purgatory I got an email from the husband yesterday that read:

Managed to catch up with Runk, Mart-A and GPG. Runk and his wife are having a boy, expected in early June. Do you think we (read: you) can fire a blanket up for that?

It appears the end of baby blanket knitting is not so insight as I once thought. *sigh* (Although MiL's comment of "maybe he can learn to "fire up" a blankt or two" definately made me giggle.) It appears that my intended baby blanket break will be cut short with another project to cast on. I think I will still plan to take part of April as a "sanity break" and finish up some socks, but I guess it's back to the baby blanket drawing board for me.


Egeria said...

It's beautiful! So intricate in the details, the close up is fascinating!

Elana said...

What a gorgeous blanket! Sorry you're stuck making another one...

Liana said...

The blanket looks beautiful!! I just started one last night. Did you have trouble with Row 12 of the pattern? I keep thinking it's missing 1 stitch in the repeating part.. any advice? It's driving me crazy!

suzanne said...

I am knitting this project as I speak and am stuck on the dreaded row 12!! This is the third time that I knitted this row and I am ending up with 9 stitches on needle at end instead of 7. Not sure whether to rip out and start again or somehow mask this. I checked for errata list and couldnt find any. Please email me at