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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will Work For Yarn

Look what's finally off the needles and on the hands of two girlies that really need 'em? (Look! Irony! This photo was taken indoors at work, because it was too damn cold to go outside and take pictures of knitting! We were actually wearing our scarves in the office because it was also too damn cold inside as well!)

Pattern: #02 Yellow Harvest Mittens by Mari Muinonen (Found in the Vogue Knitting, Fall 2008)
Yarn: Leftover Cascade Eco+
Needles: US size 8
Notes: PAY ATTENTION TO THE INSTRUCTIONS. In fact, that bears repeating... PAY ATTENTION TO THE INSTRUCTIONS. The charts while simple to execute, are confusing to read, only because the very subtle nuances that tell you to do an opposite cable means you can really screw up. I made two pairs of mitts because I realized after mitt 1 I had cabled wrong. However since they weren't enirely hideous- I did a second wrong one and gave the pair to my sister.

I've been pretty focused on small, stash busting projects as of late and it felt really good to use up some of the yarn and get something quickly finished. There are STILL leftovers-- and if I feel so inspired, I might make another pair of these someday- but for now, it just feels good to have moved on.

Speaking about feeling good- I had something great happen to me at work today. There has recently been some turnover in our office and a lot of the extra work ended up falling to me. I've been working my butt off, (and yet oddly have never been more satisfied at my job- I think it's because I'm busy), especially for the HR department. Today my efforts were rewarded in a very thoughtful gift certificate to Pudding Yarns! It's the little details like that really inspire and motivate me to do better. I don't expect this often- nor do I expect it all... but it was just nice to be surprised. I'll definately work for yarn!

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Anne B. said...

Ooooh, they look very warm and soft!