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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year... New Challenge

Happy New Year!!

I'll be honest, I did my damnedest to finish the Teddy Blanket for 2011... there was crocheting an hour before the clock told us it was the new year, but I also had a fussy baby (booo exczema!!!) who wanted my attention more. Alas- Teddy was not finished for 2011. However, fear not because I did finish it for 2012!


Pattern: Teddy Bear Baby Blanket by Barbara Breiter
Yarn: Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash in colorway 006 (Discontinued yarn)
Needles: US 6
Thoughts: This pattern was actually inspired by a Ravelry member's project AleNochka (Rav link)- when I saw what she had done I decided to use her same modifications and knit a version myself. It's not a thrilling pattern but it did knit quickly and it was ideal to haul around with me when I just needed something easy and quick to pick up and knit. (Other projects aren't as simple.)


You'll note I sucked it up and crocheted (yuck) a border. God help me, but I actually enjoyed my crochet time! (Sensitive knitters will want to pass over the next photo as it's an extreme CROCHET CLOSEUP... I'm getting a lot better at crochet!)


So with Teddy off the needles it's time for me to take stock and plan for the New Year. The truth is, I have a lot of unfinished things that need to be cleaned up. A lot of projects that got abandoned last year for one reason or another. They kind of hang over my head reminding me that I need to "close a few circles" and move forward. So, without further ado I present to you my New Years knitting resolutions.

1) Parker's Blanket


I started this on mat leave and had the delusional idea that I could knit it in a week before Parker's arrival. This is just a little over half finished and I want to get it done for my kiddo.

2) Pink Baby Dots


I still love this blanket a lot- but it's not an easy one to cart around- it's a strictly "at home" project.

3) Nebula Socks


I have a metric butt load of sock yarn and recent stash acquisitions mandate that 2012 be about knitting socks, meaning I need to get Nebula off the needles and on my feet!

4) Kevin's Sweater (Now known as Project Kevin & Kristian)


Remember when I was knitting a dog sweater for a friend? I hardly do... and for some reason I abandoned this project when I was so close to being done. Poor Kevin is still cold! Thankfully it's been a mild winter so far! Kevin's mom recently had a baby (Christmas day) and I think it would be funny for Kevin and baby to have matching sweaters. So- Kevin's sweater needs to be done and a little baby sweater needs to be made in order to consider this finished.

5) Fireside Sweater


I abandoned this project when I found out I was pregnant because it felt futile to knit a sweater that I wouldn't be able to wear as I got bigger and bigger. I'm so close with this one... SO CLOSE. It needs to be done and now that I'll fit it again it REALLY needs to be done. So finish it I will.

These are all diverse projects in all various states of completion. There's enough representation here that if I bore of one project I can move on to something completely different, but still focus on finishing. As the baby gets a little bit bigger and begins to find a more regular schedule (patterns are emerging!) I should find a few more minutes and opportunities to pick up the needles. So that's what you have to look forward to this year.

Once these are finished (hopefully in the first 6 months) then I'm going to move my focus to small projects. Baby sweaters... socks... little items that have a short completion time. Should be a good year! Thanks for sticking with me despite the light blog posts this year- I'm still here, I'm still knitting and will hopefully I'll keep finding the time to talk about it!

Happy New Year!


Anne B. said...

Such pretty items you are knitting!

Affordable Logo Design said...

Hand craft designs are really a great passion.. I just love these Pictures..

Sarah said...

Lovely blanket! I would love to knit this soon. What is the pattern/name for the crochet border?