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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ready For My Close Up

Well... I'm ready.


Or at least I'm ready as I'll ever be. Above are my Stampede 2010 submissions for this year. I finished the blue twisted cable blanket just in the nick of time. It's out of the blocking pins TODAY, which is a relief, because I need to take it to the grounds for judging TOMORROW.

Whew! That was down to the wire.


Pattern: Textured Knots by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Bachelor Button
Needles: US 6 for the ribbing at the ends and US 8 for the body
Notes: It's a lovely pattern. It's classy and gorgeous! The yarn really makes the pattern pop, but I'll be honest, this blanket weighs a TONNE. I liked the yarn well enough* but if I were to knit this again, I wouldn't use this weight. The blanket is heavy. Also? If you knit this- blow up the chart on a photocopier and COLOR CODE your cables. I would never have knit this successfully without a color coded cable chart. It just makes it so much easier!
Listening To: Craft Lit's Little Women and the Scarlett Letter and Selden Edwards The Little Book.


So- with Textured Knots off the needles I gave myself a little reprieve. I should have been pulling out the various socks in progress and finishing them up.



I fell off the wagon. (Oops!) So elated with the joy of being done the blankets, I was instantly inspired by the cute little Goodale cardigan and just decided that I deserved a pleasure project. I used my Christmas gift cards from family members (thanks Moms & Dads!) and bought this LOVELY Louisa Harding "Albero" in colorway 4. I think it's perfect for this cardigan and who knows- maybe I'll have another finished object to show off soon?

Cross your fingers for me- the projects leave for the Stampede tomorrow... we'll see how I measure up!

*Knit Picks has served me well and seen me successfully complete many projects this last year, I just wish they tried harder to prevent knots in their balls of yarns. Too many knots this time! It was frustrating and all too common.


Jocelyn said...

Congratulations - they're both beautiful and I know you'll do well. Glad you treated yourself to a fun-knit project... did you see Wollmeise superwash at The Loopy Ewe today??

Megan said...

Gorgeous work! Love the finishing on "Pink Insanity"

Anonymous said...

Two winners! Love them both.