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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gold Medal Pace

Firstly... National Post readers... did you see this?!! National coverage of the knitting Olympics! I feel so legit!

Good news readers- I am on my desired gold medal pace! Grandpa's socks are done! Done! Done!


Pattern: Mr. Pitt's Socks by Kaitlyn Wong
Needles: US 1 (I used my fancy new Signature needles and they are SO. WORTH. THE. MONEY.)
Thoughts: I didn't love the yarn. The slubs of color aren't spun tightly enough for me into the wool. You can pull out the slubs very easily, which is highly disappointing.

Yarn aside, this is the perfect sock pattern for a man. It's simple and easy (man requirement), and is very straight forward to knit. Hopefully next time Grandpa is faced with a blizzard and a subsequent 55 hour power outage with no heat (!!), he will have something to keep his feet warm! This sock is a monster to knit! Grandpa's feet are 10.5" inches heel to toe and it's a 9" leg. At the end I felt as though I had been knitting this sock forever!

Don't start crying for my time on the podium yet, I'm only halfway to my gold medal in knitting. As the rules suggest, the knitter is to challenge themselves with a project/projects. I decided my challenge would be time, and chose to commit myself to 2 pairs of socks. (Oh did I ever pick the right challenge for me. Work has been an absolute circus- and I had to work a lot of over time last week, nearly killing 2 days of knitting progress!)

I cast on sock #2 for Grandma (how fair would it be to give Grandpa sock for the Saskatchewan winter and ignore Grandma's toes?)* this morning and have half the leg done this evening. The sock looked like this around 3:00 today:


It's nice to be knitting something with more of a pattern again! I see more Olympic watching and knitting in my future this week. Hopefully work will be a little more normal and I'll be able to squeak in a few extra hours of knitting. Maybe I should print out that National Post article I mentioned above and post it on my door to let people know I need to focus on my knitting?

Back to knitting- GO TEAM CANADA!

* I suppose in this same logic I shouldn't be leaving my other grandma out! Hmmmm... Grandma Prince, we might have to look at some potential spring socks for you!

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