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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have a Heart... or 117 of them...


It's done! The red heart blanket is done! This blanket is intended for my friend Rita's little one, who should be making her debut any day now. Okay baby Scarlet you can come ANY day now... auntie Jen is finished!


Pattern: Sweethearts by Bev Galeskas
Yarn: Bernat Satin Sport in "Rouge" (yes it's acrylic- but it's really soft and nice still!)
Needles: US size 7 or 4.5 mm (I love when Ravelry does all the thinking for me)
Size: 34" accross x 40" high
Thoughts: What a positvely AWESOME quick knit! You will probably see this blanket pop up again- the pattern is just interesting enough not to be boring but boring enough to watch tv or chat with someone else while working on it. It's a great, easy pattern with highly satisfying results- it's really hard to go wrong here!

And how did I celebrate this most recently freed up pair of up double pointed needles? By casting on the next blanket of course! (I am on a timeline people!!) Here she is at 8" of length! (Thank you lazy weekend o'knitting)


I'm knitting this in the newly acquired Knit Picks Comfy Worsted yarn and whoooo boy is this stuff nice to knit with!! In fact this is so nice to knit with I might actually knit more of my blankets out of it- it's a cotton acrylic blend and velvetty soft. My only issue so far is that it's leaving quite the lint mess on my pants-- but we'lll see how it does with a little bit of washing and I'll report back. This could be the yarn that turns me away from 100% acrylic blankets forever! Stay tuned!

Also- a quick kudo's to the MiL who had a great yarn suggestion of currently IN STASH YARN that may be the next baby blanket on the needles... she's generously offerred to donate her matching skeins to me, and it's just enough to go baby blanket crazy. Now that's some clever stash busting!! Who knows- at the rate I'm knitting, you could be seeing the beginnings of that blanket very soon.


granolagirl said...

What is the pattern for the green blanket? Its so purty!

Anne said...

Woohoo, one down, 20 more to go! Or maybe I exaggerate....

IT HAD TO BE YOU said...

I would like to know how to obtain the pattern for the heart blanket. It is absolutely beautiful. Thanks