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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gold Medalist

You're sitting at your computer, finger nails completely chewed, mid bite on your potato chip, waiting with bated breath for me to cross the finish line when.... when... anytime now.... um... HELLO?? Is this thing on? Nennie? Are you there?

Whoops. Life got a little hectic there and then I went on vacation, sorry you didn't get a full update at the time of the gold medal finish! Yes. I finished. August 20th was the magical date! They are to date the most lovely socks I've ever made.

Pattern: Cookie A's Maralinda socks
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in "Midnight Derby"
Needles: US size 1 Addi Turbo Double Points
Thoughts: Interesting, challenging and gorgeous! I want to knit Cookie patterns FOREVER now! What an excellent pattern, what dreamy yarn... all in all- very happy with this little successful FO.

Seriously, I could not be more pleased with myself! They just look so GOOD! What a perfect sock for the "Sock Put" challenge.

And now, Mom, go get the camera- the moment you've been waiting for my entire lifetime: my time to stand on the podium with gold medal around my neck representing Team Canada. All rise as Bobicus Maximus gives me my gold medal. (Pictured at right under the progress bars) (Please be patient with my mother as she takes 98 zillion photos...)

Do ya see it? Do ya? Well- probably not actually, but there it says "Sock Put Finish Line" and my little user name all linked up. (It says "jennipoo" for those of you without Superman style eyesight.)

To celebrate my little accomplishment- the husband agreed I needed to have the Ravelympic pin- so without further ado... my Golden Bob..... (that conviently arrived in the mail today!)

If that wasn't enough- I also randomly won sock yarn from a generous member of team Canada who donated prizes! (I believe they had entirely random draw, although I keep telling myself it's because my socks were the most beautiful... I"m totally delusional!) I can't wait to get my little Olympic treat and see what she sent!

And lastly- here I am, proudly wearing my Golden Bob for all to see. (This is only a semi-hideous shot of me compared to the WHOLLY hideous shots I had to choose from... clearly these photos should have been taken BEFORE work and not after!)

Yes. I am a gold medalist. I'm so proud of me!! What's next on the knitting horizon? I need to make a big catch up in the hat race... I'm so behind!!! I also need to finish my pink sweater, although sadly I don't think it will be in time for the Red/Pink KAL (knit-a-long) deadline I had hoped to make. Plus it's fall almost- but the weather here is already sucky which means LOTS OF TIME TO KNIT! Also getting closer and closer- the knitting retreat.... which I can barely wait for any longer I'm so excited!!

Lastly? A little teaser? Coming soon... The knitting equivalent to diamonds.... Wollmeise!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jen!!! Your socks are beautiful...a well deserved gold medal for sure!!! Luv, Mom