It has been since I last bought yarn!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crochet is the Devil and Other Heartwarming Stories

With my humble apologies to crochet-ers everywhere, I am floundering. I am a knitter. I knit. Apparently when you put a hook in my hand my ability to be crafty compeltely flies out the window in protest.

The pink sweater is almost done. I am so close I can literally envision myself wearing the garmet along the beach while I'm in Cuba next week. (It's a cotton sweater to wear over my bathing suit, before you decide to send me letters about my idiocy in thinking I'll need a sweater in the tropics.)

Except I could have modeled a finished project 2 days ago, if it wasn't for the crochet edge on the neckline and sleeves.

GAH! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING! (Behold the start of a crochet edge that is most likely wrong!)

I managed to find a lovely tutorial online to do the picot stitch and I picot'd the bottom of the sweater in one evening. Is it perfect? No. But it's good enough that only a seasoned crochet-er is going to look at it and go "you did it wrong". However the pattern gets a little vague with the crochet border and I'm left going HUH? I've even involved the incredibly friendly and helpful crocheters on Ravelry in the hopes that they can help me. There seems to be some advice this evening that might be able to propel me forward in my endevour. I am so close to finishing this sweater I can taste it!! I am SO. READY to be on to bigger and better things! Do you realize that I've been talking about knitting this sweater for almost a year!? YEESH. I'm sure we're all ready to just move on already!

So- in the interest of keeping you somewhat awake there has also been slow progress on other slogs....

The Zig Zag Sock... half done, now it just needs a twin!

The hat progress... continues at snail pace, but at least it continues!

Also on the blog today? A little heart warming story about knitters...

Those of you who have read the blog for awhile will recall that a very nice woman back around Mother's day sent me some much needed yarn (as I ran out and couldn't finish a project) for free. It wasn't cheap yarn, and she didn't have to be so nice about it- but she was and her kindness and generosity stayed with me. Just this last week I was given the unique opportunity to pass her kindness on.

Eerily similar, a knitter on Ravelry emailed me this week- needing a yarn I had in my stash to finish a project. She asked me what I'd like for my left over Misti Cotton. (OH the joys of over-ordering for yarn.) Realizing it was my turn to pay the favor forward I sent her the hanks of yarn for free and just asked that she do the same should she find herself in the same situation. It's heartwarming for my "3-sizes-too-small" cold heart to know that an informal chain of giving and sharing has started from one person's kindness. It's, well.... nice. (Oh the descriptive words!)

And now... back to screaming out in agony as I continue to try and fail miserably at crochet!


River Glorious said...

I think that's how some of us crochetsters feel when we need/want to do a knitted ribbing for a sweater... ;) I do hope it turns out well.

Anonymous said...

Jen, the sweater and your act of kindness is beautiful! Enjoy Cuba!