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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Time... At Knitting Camp... Part 3 - PROGRESS

So- with a weekend soley focused on knitting with friends- a recap of the weekend would hardly be complete without mentioning the kind of knit progress I made!

First up, the long suffering Zig Zag Socks--- that finally saw the completion of a heel on sock #2. I feel like I've essentially been knitting these forever. (maybe I have....????) Because these tend to only be the travelling socks- they see the slowest progression. But- I suppose a heel is a heck of a lot closer to the finish than knitting the leg.

Even more thrilling was finally finishing the "correct set" of the Vogue red mittens. I still don't count this project as completely finished because I intend to knit a "wrong" mitten to match the other wrong mitten... but getting close to the finish line was very thrilling. Viola, I give you three red mitties... (Wrong mitten pictured in the middle- let's see if you can spot "what's wrong".)

The completion of this project was also convieniently timed, as at the PJ party I met Shelley, who was looking for someone to walk her through the first chart on the same mittens. Shelley, (who said incredibly kind things about me on her blog- thank you), was the picture of patience as I tried to help her best I could converting my DPN version of the pattern to her knitting on two circs. I'm not sure how helpful I was to her- but I hope it at least got her on her way. These mitts look AWESOME all knit up- and I'm looking forward to her posting some pics of them finished some day.

New on the needles is a simple Lace Scarf, using some leftover Debbie Bliss Pure Silk yarn I had leftover from my Mother's Day project.

This was the right kind of project to have with me- "fun yarn" to touch for my fellow yarnies, and a mindless and easy enough project that I didn't have to concentrate too hard on. I cast this on Thursday night, and proceeded to pick it up all over the retreat. I made enough project on this that I'd say I'm almost a third of the way finished! Go me!

Both the Mitties and the Lace scarf are knit with yarn I had leftover in my stash. For so long know I've just wanted to do a few simple projects to use that yarn up. I had enough of the yarn to not even think about throwing it out, yet not enough to commit to another bigger project. It feels so good to do some stash busting and help bring the stash down. Stash Busting = less guilty conscience when I "fall off the wagon" again. OR....

... go to another retreat and end up coming home with the retreat special dyed yarn. This is Lorna's Laces in "Autumn Wine" - the lastest sock (Shepherd) yarn to be added to the stash. I had pre-ordered this and counted this in my purchase count down a long time ago-- so I get to flash this yarn and feel not too guilty about adding to the stash!

Lastly I leave you with this pic of me and my roomie-- if you get a magnifying glass perhaps you'll see us! (Mental note- next time you ask a stranger to snap a pic of you and a friend, show them how to use the zoom.) I made so many friends and met so many new people this weekend- (and my Ravelry friend list has been growing since!), I feel so lucky to be apart of such a special group of people. Ever since I joined the knitting community I've bee so overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of knitters- and this weekend, "communing with my people", was just a reminder of how lucky I am to be part of such a unique, diverse and talented group.

All that remains in this rather lengthy recap of my "REALLY REALLY AWESOME WEEKEND", is to say this: Where do we sign up for next year? I am SO in!!

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