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Monday, June 15, 2009

Election Results


I asked for your opinion expecting that a few obliging mothers, some lovely knitting group members and one or two office mates would give me their opinion. Instead- FIFTY SEVEN Of you dropped by to offer your opinion on my next blanket!! AND, of that 57, 32 of you (56%) chose my next pattern, option #2, the Feather and Fan option.

Who am I to argue with popular opinion? I cast that blanket on Sunday!


Here we are... 1/6 skeins deeps already. So far she's looking lovely! I do have concern about having enough yarn, (but really when do I NOT have this concern?), but I also know that once I block the blanket, it's really going to stretch and open up. So far- you all have excellent taste!

Also? Can I just say thank you?! You chose the easiest pattern to knit in the group! With any luck this pattern should essentially knit itself- and we'll be talking about the next blanket here very soon!

As if that progress wasn't enough- I also have another teaser pic of the mystery project.


Do you know what it is yet? (The white object on the bottom had me squealing from the cuteness all weekend.) I'm actually mostly done this project now- but it's waiting for just a few final touches and it will reveal itself in due time. Trust me. You're going to love it! I love it!

Thanks again for voting people, it was most helpful- and now I'm off as I have got some major knitting to do!

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