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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I don't know where to start with this blog post. I'm blocked.

September knitting has been slow. I could blame the 2 weeks in Europe for being a decent distraction, I could also blame another weekend in Chicago, keeping me from my needles. But truth is- I'm just blocked. I can't bring myself to knit the next blanket. I am BURNED OUT on knitting blankets.

I can tell- because usually I go full steam ahead on blanket projects. I select a pattern, I knit the swatch, cast on and then devote myself almost religiously to seeing the blanket to it's completion. I'm usually pretty faithful too- opting to knit that and only that.

You can tell I'm blocked becase projects that I wouldn't normally be working on are seeing progress!

MORE HATS-- for example.


Suddenly I am drawn to the baby hats like a moth to flame. I must knit them. I cannot successfully sitch anything else- not when the hat seems like such an appealing project. I assume it's the instant gratification and widening gap between my "hats knit" and "hats that need to have been knit by now to stay on target".

And, if that weren't enough, I've even made decent purse sock progress- allowing myself a few indulgent stitches when I should be knitting the blanket.


I'm just not interested in anything else, but I think I've figured out why:


I don't like what I'm doing. I'm not confident AT ALL with this pattern. Oh, it's easy enough- just look at all that garter stitch! This blanket is for some of our closest friends in Calgary, who are expecting their first baby in a mere 18 or so days. They have seen me churn out blanket masterpieces. They have seen me do intricate and complicated things- and I feel like this blanket doesn't embody any "excitement".

I chose to knit cows on the blanket because they've been calling the fetus "Little Beef"- I thought it would be cute to give them a blanket with cows.

The way I see it, I have three options, and I can't make up my mind. I can:

1) Keep knitting this blanket even though I feel like there's too much garter stitch and not enough cows. (The plan was to have them 3 across and 3 up, to give me 9 faces but I feel like the faces might be too small for the rest of the blanket.)

2) Go back to the drawing board and figure out the pattern incorporating less garter stitch and adding 2 more cows into the mix, for a total of 5 cows accross and potentially 5 cows up, for 25 cows.

3) Quit beating this cow theme to death, find a pattern and get knitting already!

I'm leaning towards option 2, even though it means ripping back three balls worth of work and starting again. I need to make a decision soon as the more time I waste trying to figure it out, the less time I have to knit the damn thing.

And so- faced with all this pressure and my non-desire to do anything with this blanket, I knit my distractions instead. Productive huh?

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Anne B. said...

I have a comment and a suggestion! First of all I like the cow blanket, and it seems like a really cute idea. A suggestion is to stitch it up by doing some cute embroidery in the spots that you seem to feel are too "empty". A few little flowers, grass, simple but would add some cute colour. Or do something on the cows themselves? Just a suggestion, feel free to follow your muse!!!