It has been since I last bought yarn!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That's A Whole Lotta Yarn!

Faithful readers and those looking to keep me honest will note that recently my "Days gone without buying yarn" haven't been getting very high. In fact, it seems recently I've gone on a bit of a yarn bender.

We were in New York this last weekend and part of my pre-New York preparations involved making a WEBS yarn order. I love WEBS. I love ordering from WEBS. I hate paying shipping charges from WEBS to Canada. SO- when the opportunity presents itself, I decided to take advantage of really great shipping costs and ordered up some yarn.

First up I bought yarn for my "Mystery Stampede Project". A little "Shepherd Baby 3 Ply Wool" in this lovely color of "Baby Pink".


But I couldn't just stop there, not when I've been longing to make this sweater FOREVER. Say hello to my new friends "Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky" in Grey!


I'm actually quite proud of the restraint I showed when faced with the selection and awesome prices of WEBS! I could have done a LOT more damage.

I didnt stop there- although I will admit that this next purchase was more out of necessity than stash vanity. Here we have the yarn to knit up the last blanket of the "YEAR OF THE BLANKET" in Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Marlin, Creme Brulee and Ivory. (Creme Brulee is a little disappointing color wise, I hope I can make it work with the rest of the blanket.)


I've made room in the stash boxes and told myself that I will be busting this out by the end of next year. What I love about new stash is that it represents new beginnings. This yarn has the potential to be so many pretty things, and I can't wait to show them off in 2010.

PS: For those of you wondering about the status of Beef, it's done. I'm just waiting for a day when I have the right sunlight to photograph it and that's been a challenge. I'm hoping this weekend I can give it a proper photo session and can show it off to you all very soon!

PPS: Since the time change, I've lost daylight hours to take photos at home- brace yourselves, I'm going to be taking a lot of project/stash photos at work while I can still maximize the sunlight that I get in my office. The light is right- the setting is less than desireable. Bare with me!

PPPS: Hey co-workers! YES, I'm taking picturesof yarn in my office. YES, I appreciate that this is a little odd to you. NO, I'm not going to stop and quite frankly, for the amount of time it would take to explain why I'm taking photos of yarn in my office, it's probably best not to ask. Let's just all pretend that seeing my photograph yarn in my office is very, very normal.

PPPPS: I knit 6 more hats. I'm almost back on target again!



Anne B. said...

Well, I think it is normal! Very pretty hats, I like the little diamond pattern.

Mary said...

I can hardly wait to see the beefy blanket at Rhonda's next week!