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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1/3 Done is Still Better Than Zero Done!

It seems that professing on my blog my non-desire to knit this blanket actually was the kick start I needed to finally get my butt in gear and KNIT THE BLANET.

Yay... progress!


The last part of the story is finall depicted on my "Magnum Opus" project for Brandy. (I have to knit from the end to the beginning... so last parts first.)

I am, as usual, full of self loathing and doubt, on this project. I'm not happy with my chosen colors, (especially since this is for a girl) and I'm feeling like this is a rather stark, BLUE! then WHITE! blanket and there's not a smooth "color transition". (How is that for anal retentive?) The blue yarn is also pilling. I'm really not happy about that. This might be the Knit Picks project that ends the new "blanket yarn standard". Pilling does not a pretty project make.

Okay. Enough fussing. I am trying to love this blanket past it's faults.

Let's look a little closer at the designs, shall we? (There is NOTHING wrong with those!) (Please also be patient with me, when this blanket is done, I will do close up shots of the BLOCKED finished pictures and they are going to look so much better... but no sense blocking this early in.)

First up, representing "and then they had a baby" in the story of my friends, Lisa Vienneau & Allison Barret's design "New Arrival Stork Washcloth".


Second, representing their two very special furry family members, (Benny & Teddy), Lisa Millan's really cute "Puppy Love Dishcloth".


Thirdly, and designed by special request by Lisa Millan (WHO IS AWESOME, by the way...) the Toronto skyline, representing where the couple moved after they got married.


So yes, I can say that progress is finally under way. I am almost certain that I'm going to run out of yarn into this project so I may have to lift my promise that this blanket will be finished before 2010. I will say, instead, that I will work on this project and this project only until I run out of yarn and have to order more. Fair?

Okay- off to re-work part 2 of this blanket so that we can keep this progress train chugging along!

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