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Friday, May 7, 2010

Won't Be Long Now...

"Won't be long now..." said the monkey with his tail caught in the lawnmower.

(Thanks to my dad who always used to say this... I can never hear someone say the first part of the phrase without thinking the last part.)

Progress on the pink insanity blanket is beginning to finally, FINALLY, to really churn slowly towards the finish line. It went from this crumply mess last weekend...


To looking like a blanket voodoo doll with all those blocking pins this Friday...


(Perhaps the art of blocking is in fact so you can get a little revenge on the project that has tortured you for so long? Sticking pins in the project gives a whole new meaning!!)

Do not rejoice for me just yet. There is one element on this blanket that remains. A familiar foe...


So we meet again crochet! SO WE MEET AGAIN!! Pink Insanity needs a super cute picot crochet border and so I must take up with the most hated hook and crochet me a border. *sigh* Who will win the epic battle of Jen vs. the crochet hook? Stay tuned....

Truthfully, since I seem to be putting a lot of crochet borders on my blankets these days, the actual crocheting part isn't all that daunting. It's nothing I haven't done before. It's just more the fact that I want this project DONE already- that has me feeling a little meloncholy.

Keeping me busy while the blanket is drying is the Ellington socks, which are starting to show actual progress!


I'm midway down the foot now and feeling, truthfully, a little bored. It's going to be a lovely project when it's finished. Hopefully a real show stopper. BUT, my brain just wants a mindless project. Honestly? I think it's just all the pink I'm knitting with. I want to knit with another color and just get out of this Pepto Bismal funk!

Thankfully there's another baby blanket that's sitting in the queue that is NOT pink. (Yarn is in transit to me!) Hopefully you'll be seeing my version of this real soon! Say hello to "Twisted Knots"!


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knitandcrochet said...

Wow! These are absolutely stunning projects! Sooooo beautiful!

You showed up on my Google Alerts because you wrote "crochet borders", and I'm so glad you did, because looking at these lovely things just made my morning. I love stitch patterns above all else, so this is just a feast of yummy knitting to me!

You should know that my brand-new book, Around the Corner Crochet Borders, will be in stores very soon. It has 150 borders that will be just perfect for all those lovely blankets.

I can't wait to see what you do next!

Edie Eckman