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Monday, June 14, 2010

New Look... Same Old Nennie

I came to look at the blog and suddenly was hit with an overwhelming desire to update it a little. I reserve the right to wake up tomorrow and hate the whole thing and revert back to the old format. In the mean time let me know if something isn't quite right. (For example if your eyes can't read my font, in the new colors, LET ME KNOW.)

All this exciting formatting is here to cover up the fact that there isn't all that much new in my knitting world. I'm still slogging away. The pink blanket is done- but waiting a proper photo session, so nothing to tell you there. (Although YAY I like it again.)

The blue blanket is still a work in progress... I'm just a little over the half way mark.


I've decided to enter it in the Stampede this year instead of the pink sock of "meh". (Ellingtons- which have seen little in the way of progress.) I've got to take my stuff in to be judged on the 30th of June, so I need to get my butt in gear if I'm going to submit a finished entry!

In other knit news- I'm sure I drove several friends and MiL around the bend last week, obsessing over WHAT to knit on my looooong car trip to Saskatchewan this last weekend. I had originally planned to make a log cabin blanket with several odds and ends of acrylic I have in pinks. I thought it was the perfect car trip knitting since it is essentially all garter stitch. Row after blessed row of knit stitch. However the one color I needed to complete my vision didn't show up. So I flushed Log Cabin down the toliet.

This created a great conundrum because I wanted a simple small project and my brain couldn't let the garter stitch blanket idea go. SO, instead of inwardly fretting about this like a normal sane person- I basically whined to anyone with ears about my great knitting dilema about what the heck I should knit on the long road trip. Everyone kept saying "sock" and I kept fighting it.

Thankfully everyone knew what's best for me- and ultimately, I chose to knit the sock. I had planned a great photo journal where you could see the sock in progress along various roadside attractions, but forgot the general rule Husband makes on road trips- "no stopping for photos of your sock in progress". Or something along those lines. Anyways- you'll have to suffice to see what I knit there and back over the weekend instead.


This is the beginnings of the Charade (Rav link) sock. This yarn (Zen Yarn Garden In-Sock Yarns in "Passion Guava") surprised me by self striping. I was so charmed by the lovely striping effect I even decided to do an after thought heel, so I don't interrupt the loveliness of the pattern. (And I don't normally like to knit that kind of heel!!) It was perfect mindless knitting- and it thankfully entertained me on the trip.

ALL THAT AGONIZING, (literally 2 days of non-stop whining), and I ended up a cute sock anyways.

Well, I've procrastinated enough. I've spiffed up the blog, and yammered on for too long. I need to get that blanket out the door. Look for a good photo essay of the pink insanity blanket coming to a cute purple blog near you!

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Anne B. said...

My nieces approve of your new purple colour, and would probably like that pretty sock too!