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Friday, July 9, 2010

The Results Are In!

I was full of anxious energy this week, dying to know what the results were for the Western Showcase this year! I even asked anyone going down to the Stampede grounds for the "sneak peek" night to keep it a surprise. Then, today at work took 40 zillion hours to get to 12:00, when I could leave and finally see the results for myself!

But, oh, it was worth the wait because I'm very pleased with the results. TWO FIRST PLACE finishes in their respective categories!

Textured Stitches (ie Cable Pattern)- Home Decor 1023


AND Stockinette & Garter Stitch- Home Decor 1033


My mother in law also did well in her category, placing SECOND in Stockinette & Garter- Accessory 1032.


Both of us are very proud of our ribbons! Sadly my pieces did not place in the overall section winners class this year, (last year's socks got 2nd in the section and a cash prize!) but the winners of those were very worthy pieces. I'd have to say in general the caliber of pieces submitted this year was higher than even last year- and so it feels so good to be deemed worthy against such stiff competition. The fierce compeitor in me is already wracking my brain to dream up submissions for next year- because I want to do better and keep pushing myself. But you'll get a brief reprieve form my obsessing for a little bit anyways.

My wee break (only "wee" as baby announcements keep tumbling in), from blanket knitting has seen some progress on Goodale.


Hey that almost looks like a sweater! It's a great project for tv watching and passing the time aimlessly. I'm hoping to be modeling it here soon.

And, I even managed to do a section (the light brown at the top) of the latest WCOBB blanket, "Dessert Before Dinner".


So yes, always a busy hive of knitting around here- but at least it's nice to know that I just might be "on to something" with this whole knitting thing! :-)

Congratulations to the many other winners this year- your submissions were great (WHOO BOY was that lace competition fierce... I pity the judges on that one), and you deserve your accolades!

Happy Stampede everyone!


SGiles said...

I'm so sorry I posted your ribbons on Twitter last night. I thought they told the winners ahead of time...I had no idea it was a surprise until you got to go down. I hope I didn't spoil things for you...

Mary said...

Congratuations Jen! Looking forward to seeing your ribbons down at the Stampede over the next few days!

Heather said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! I knew you great and now the rest of the world knows.

Anne B. said...

Red is defininitely your colour! Congrats.

Kayla W said...

I was SO impressed by your baby blankie. Totally deserved the ribbon!

Elle said...

Congratulations! Your pieces are beautiful!

Gaby said...

Congratulations!! I love the blue cables!!! And the lace also