It has been since I last bought yarn!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snow Day

When last we left our fearless knitting Heroine (me), I confessed to you a loss of mojo. A rather "meh" feeling about my knitting. And, quite frankly, I didn't know when it would return.

And then, on Friday, as a cruel NON April Fool's joke, the weather man broke the bad news. Snow. A lot of snow. A METRIC BUTT LOAD OF SNOW. The kind of snow you just stay home in. We planned carefully Friday, buying our groceries for the weekend and then we waited. Saturday we woke up and it was gross. Any snow in spring is gross... but this was really gross. There was so much snow. It's like spring regressed into winter. (Not that it's acted much like spring anyways.)


I tried to capture what it's like to wake up to a metric butt load of snow but this picture does not do it justice. This is halfway to the 25 cm of snow we got. (25 cm = metric butt load) There was a lot of snow.

As good Canadians do, we just bunkered down and stayed home. There was absolutely no reason to drive in this weather- so we didn't. We stayed in our pajamas. We ate junk foods that I lie to my doctor and tell her I don't eat. (If she ever asks... tell her I only snack on veggies.) We watched movies. We maybe didn't shower....

The point is we were homebound. It was ideal "forced knitting time". At first, I will admit I just wanted to lie on the couch and watch the movies, but I forced my hands to knit. And soon, like an old friend, knitting came back to me. There is nothing, NOTHING more cozy than wrapping yourself in a blanket, in your "jammies", knitting in your lap listening to Jane Austen being read to you while the snow falls, (admittedly beautiful) outside your window as you watch from your cozy spot. And thus... mojo engaged again and a left hand size of a sweater was born. VIOLA.


This kills me to say. K.I.L.L.S ME- but thank you snow day. I think I kind of needed you.


Anonymous said...

Thats exactly what Sat was for Jen. We did the same thing at our house. Knitting, jammies,movies, junk food and snoring puppy dogs. It was a GREAT day!(Evilknittingtwin)


I finally got to really peruse through your pictures. You are very talented. I would love to learn how to knit. I'll have to get one of the ladies from church to show me. I can crochet but only one pattern. I can't read the pattern and bring it to life, I have to be shown how to do it and then I can copy it. It drives me crazy.

I hope you find your mojo :)

I especially like your socks. I love socks even though I only really wear them for work. Living in Florida, I wear a lot of sandals.