It has been since I last bought yarn!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blocking Unblock

An intervention was held. MiL stepped in and saved me, and my sanity. The blankets are blocked and are finally, READY to be admired by the public!

Behold... the Welsh Blanket


Pattern: Welsh Blanket by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Berroco Comfort Solids and Heathers in navy (9763) and white (9702)
Needle: US Size 7
Notes: This is a stunner! The actual knitting part isn't difficult, but it does require careful attention to be paid to the pattern, as reading the wrong row could really mess up your pattern. (Ask me how I learned that lesson?) I found it helpful to retype out the pattern on my computer, highlighting every other row so that I didn't mix them up. That tended to keep me on the straight and narrow.


The yarn was a PERFECT choice for the pattern as it really made everything pop quite nicely!


I had hoped this would have been my Stampede entry this year, but instead it's going to go to some little person born this winter. (One of the many little persons being born this winter!)


This last photo is a shot showing how the blanket looks from behind. The yarn carries over lovely in the back and didn't require a backing at all. Make this project if you're looking to impress anyone!

Behold Also... Moving Mountains


Pattern: Moving Mountains Baby Blanket by Aimee Alexander
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cotton Jeans in "Batik"
Needle: US 8
Notes: Another great baby blanket pattern, this one had the added benefit of being FAST. It would be a great project to knit if you were looking to whip something up in a hurry! What was even better is that I used just about every last drop of this yarn, completely clearing it out of my stash.


When I first bought this yarn I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but the color was lovely and the price was right (thank you Pudding sale) but now, it is also going in the pile for all the expected little ones popping out this fall.


Just another glam shot... because I can.

I couldn't believe how quickly the blocking process went when MiL was here. In just a short time we had both projects laid out, pinned and wet. I would have never done this had she not helped me, so thank you x a million to Phyllis!!

Not only did she help me move past these projects, she also got me on the road to a new one, but winding all of the yarn I'd need for Junior's blanket. I've still been pretty errand-y/busy this week, despite being on mat leave, but I was finally able to at least start this project with her help.


That is one snazzy border... isn't it?

This means that all other blanket projects are on hold, until this one gets some progress. I'm doubtful that I'll finish this project prior to Junior's arrival, my schedule seems to be fuller than I thought it would be on mat leave, but getting a good chunk of it done is probably doable.

Are you as relieved as I am about FINALLY having these done?!


Anonymous said...

That sound you heard, all the way from the other side of the globe? That was my jaw, hitting the floor. Gorgeous blankies, both of them.

Ping said...

Holy crap! Those are gorgeous! I keep telling my friends to start popping out babies so I can starting knitting lovely baby things. :)

Knit-2-Together said...

Wow these are beautiful!!!! Great blankets for teeny tinys I know they will be nice and warm and so stylish!

Anonymous said...

VERY VERY GORGEOUS afghans. I love how they both turned out but if I had to pick, I would pick Welsh Afghan in a heartbeat...
It was nice of your MIL to help!