It has been since I last bought yarn!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parker's Blanket

It's done! It's done! It's DONE! Parker's blanket is done... nearly 3 months to the day AFTER he was born. But still... focus on the positive. IT'S DONE.


Pattern: Baby Bricks by Kay Meadors.
Needle: US 7
Yarn: Berroco Vintage in 51103 (Green), 51104 (Teal), 5103 (Brown), 5113 (Light Blue), 5100 (White)
Notes: I have made this blanket twice before and so I obviously like the pattern. What I appreciate is that it always looks stunning no matter what you do for a color scheme, and it's simple. It's also simply deceptive because people always think it's harder than it looks. (It's not hard!)

And now GLAMOUR SHOTS... because dammit you deserve it for waiting so long!

Look how nicely it matches the nursery bedding!

Look how nice the back looks!


Look how nice it looks with an ACTUAL BABY!!! (I keep staring at him and thinking "How did I end up with such a cute kid?!")

Okay- this blog post is getting too exciting... let's all take a moment to collect ourselves. How about something more somber? A sock in progress?


Hey is that leg nearly finished? Why yes, it IS nearly finished. I'd really like to finish this bad boy for February and move on to the next project that needs to get off the needles. It feels good to wrap some of these items up!

I feel I need to wrap this post up with a bit of an explanation...
The good news: Parker is essentially sleeping through the night. (10 pm - 6 am!)
The bad news: Parker hates to nap. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATES to nap- meaning while I am getting a great 8 hours of sleep, I cannot put him down long enough during the day to knit my single row. (Or for that matter write a blog post, write the thank you cards, order the pictures or the 98 zillion other things that I have not accomplished on my "to do" list.) Progress has slowed to a pace best described as "snail". So your continued patience is most appreciated!


Anne B. said...

Ah yes, the baby that only sleeps on Mummy during the day, I know them well. Four months can be a big sleep shift, so get ready!! Lovely, lovely,blanket and cute little baby boy.

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