It has been since I last bought yarn!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's a Blanket... Again

Well, I threatened it in my last post and I'm not one for idle threats- I started another blanket.  It dawned on my suddenly last week, my mat leave is ending in the middle of October.  (O. M. G. how did that go by so quickly!?)  And, while I'm planning a part time return (hopefully), it still means knitting time is going to start disappearing, as Parker will be napping at daycare while I slave away in the salt mines instead of sneaking in a few blissful rows.  (*takes a moment to sob*)  Given that I wanted to make a lovely cable blanket for a friend due in November, I needed to capitalize on the time remaining.  So, this is me capitalizing.


I wanted something superwash and I also wanted something immediately so I packed up the baby and we went over to Pudding Yarn to squish and feel yarns and pick out something nice.  There were two options, Cascade 220 (which is always great) or this lovely, squishy yarn they had- a Superwash Merino (Cascade Greenland).  The price difference was considerable, and I felt somewhat guilty so I called the husband for his input.  (It's for his good friend...)  God bless him- he said "Buy what will make you happy" and I didn't hesitate- this is going to be the "Diamond Cable Travel Blanket" in Greenland.


This is one of those patterns that requires a little brain power.... I need to be thinking while I knit this.  I've already made one cable cross error (BAD ME) that I've decided to let go and not go back and fix.  (I don't think it's too obvious.)  I have to tell you though- this yarn is DREAMY to knit with.  It has such a delightful "sproing" to it and it just jumps around the needle.  I'm so excited to knit with this- hopefully that means progress is going to move quickly.


It also means that other projects are sort of being neglected.  I know, I just pulled myself out of a unfinished object hole, but I guess I'm going to dive back in.  (oops)  I did also complete two more baby hats- but the photos of those aren't particularly special so check out my Rav page if you're one of those people who simply must see.  

The good news is that, so far, this is the only blanket I have planned for the fall- so hopefully once it's off the needles we'll be back to small projects and more variety on the blog!  Now, to go back to concentrating intently on knitting!


Anonymous said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see that in person. Mil

Kerstin said...

That is sooooo lovely Jen!!