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Monday, March 25, 2013

March Break

I always plan to leave for my vacations with the best intentions.  We left for Maui on March 14 and I had intended to blog on the 13th.  The thing with best intentions is that they often don't come to fruition.  And, despite packing early and being reasonably organized this time, I still couldn't squeeze in a blog post.  So hi- sorry for the long space between there!

I really wish I hadn't run out of time, because I wanted to tell you that the "Ties That Bind" blanket was finished... BEFORE MAUI.  (yay!)


It needs a light blocking still which is why I haven't done a proper photo shoot.  But if someone were to hold a gun to my head tomorrow and say "GIFT THIS BLANKET"- I could.  Which is good, because after being pretty late, Mr. Marcus finally showed up on March 18.

I had a whole post to explain the insanity that nearly took hold of me when I nearly committed to knitting a lace shawl on my vacation.  Thankfully though, after a disasterous attempt at starting the shawl, I decided I better stick to a vacation sock.  As usual I packed way more yarn than I needed and barely knit anything.


It's hard to pay attention to a sock, (even a boring one), when you could be looking at this.


Did I also mention there were whales?  And if you looked away for even a second you missed the whales jumping out of the water?  So yes... very little knitting on vacation.  (It seems I don't really knit on my vacations even though I leave believing I will knit everything 10 times faster than I normally do and RUN OUT OF YARN.)


Also.... this munchkin is BUSY and all eyes need to be on him when he's moving around or else trouble will prevail.  (He's a cute beach bum isn't he?)

Fear not- we are home now and I'm trying to hammer home our regular schedule.  (Maui is 4 hours behind Calgary... child is miserable today- pray for all of us!)  Regular schedule means KNITTING somewhere in there!  I've got the rest of March to do whatever I'd like- which probably means I'll pull out the sock yarn blankey for a bit.  BUT- April 1, I begin a new project.  It's probably going to land me in the "more than I can chew" category- but it's my attempt at a Stampede project to enter for this year.  Here's the hint....


Know what it is yet?

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