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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mystery Unfolding

As progress continues on the Stampede Mystery blanket, it's becoming less and less of a mystery.  I'm also delighted to finish the first section and move on to a section that will require less bobbins!


I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about the progress on this blanket and giving myself all kind of kudos when I flipped it over.


EI-Yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyyiyiyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there are ends to weave in on this baby.  SO MANY ENDS!!!!  Instead of stopping everything to weave them in, I've decided to keep plowing ahead on the progress and when it's cast off- spend (what will feel like a lifetime) "some time" weaving in the ends before I move on to additional steps.

Oh yes!  The blanket itself is only the beginning!  Are you intrigued?

I'm taking a quick detour to fulfill an obligation on an WCOBB blanket, but am hoping to have that out of the way by Thursday, and back to knitting up this little masterpiece.  If I pull this off, I'm going to be quite proud of myself!

Just a short blog this week- since I wanted to show some progress, but I'm trying to also capitalize on the time I have to knit.  So- I'm going to get back to knitting!  (Keep sleeping kiddo!)

We'll catch up soon!

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Anonymous said...

True confession: no idea right now other than an easter themed bowling alley. And that probably isn't right...
Anne B