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Monday, July 29, 2013

UH-OH Daisy!

I've, as my son loves to say, had an "uh-oh Daisy" (oopsie daisy), and despite having enough projects on the go and need to be finished, I cast on something new.

I'M WEAK OKAY!????  Don't judge me.

I blame this on the Stampede blanket, which just sucked the life out of me.  I just wasn't excited about what I had to knit and so I cheated and cast on the mittens.  (The mittens were supposed to come once the border on the Stripey Blanket had been crocheted, plain socks finished and August hat knit.)  But I just wanted some excitement.  Something to be looking forward too, and so I cheated.


Pictures of this project will be vague, as they are for my MiL and I'd like to surprise her at the end.  But the mystery mittens are finally on the needles.

I wasn't entirely bad, I did make some progress on other projects.

Stripey  blanket is getting it's crochet (*sad sigh) border.  I wanted to keep the border "masculine" and after much searching and failed attempts at something else, I just decided to go with a skinny single crochet border.  I think keeping it simple was the right call.  I'm close to finished on this one.  A good "nap" (by the kiddo) should hopefully get me to "done".  It will need to be blocked again but it will be easier to block this time.


The socks are also close to the finish line.  I'm just about ready to begin the toe decreases on these and then, during another nap time, I'll teach myself to kitchner stitch and embrace it.  (Despite avoiding it like the plague all these years.)  God I hate kitchner stitch.  Sorry.  I said it.  I'm not taking it back either.  But, I will conform, and I will learn... I will just do so kicking and screaming.


I'm re-motivated to get these finished... mostly because I just found out that not one, but two charity blankets are making their way to me sometime soon and I need to knit a section for each.  It really drives me crazy when people keep the blankets past the 2 week mark so I try to "bang out" my section as quickly as possible and not be the person holding up the party.  Good thing both blankets are simple stitch patterns.  I did a bad thing for this today though, and instead of dipping into my stash, opted to buy a color(s) (there was a 2 for 1 sale) to add to the blanket.  I feel guilty because I really need to whittle down the stash, but it's a little tricky to get to my stash at the moment due to the Renno.  (Which is still happening... cupboards this week!)

Lastly- I stupidly picked up the wrong end of my DPN case of various, unmarked needles sizes, and dumped them all in an unrecognizeable pile on the floor.  I'd like to tell you I said "uh oh daisy"... but I did not.  (Thankfully Mr. Repeat-Everything-Mommy-Says wasn't around.)  I'm going to have to find my "needle sizer" and painstakingly poke these in every hole trying to decipher which size is which.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I don't want to do this.  Behold- DPN CHAOS!


Hopefully I will have some finished item announcements on here soon.  In the meantime I'm still here.  I'm still knitting.  I'm just lacking a little focus!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my the DPN mess. That's why I love my set of DPN from Knitters Dreamz - each size a different color. I feel for you. Mil