It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Calm Before the Storm

Three. More. Sleeps.  We move home in three more days.  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am.  I can probably shock you a little though- I'm so excited about getting home that I've been unable to concentrate on knitting!

We are in the "calm before the storm" phase of things.  We're planning the move- but we aren't ready to actually do anything yet.  And so, I'm just sort of frantically passing the time until I move back into my space and make it mine again.  In my brain I'm planning where I'll put things and where things will go in their new spaces... and I can't do much else.  (Sleep included...)  Until then, sadly, this blog and my knitting progress will suffer.  Brace yourself, September could be a little slow on blog posts- but not to worry, I have EVERY INTENTION of coming back once we're settled back in and I can pick up my needles without the "I really should unpack that box" guilt.

There has been progress these last couple of days.  2 more pink hats have appeared.  (The easiest thing to concentrate on right now- hats!)


I'm so close to having these yarns used up!


I can safely say I've used up all of the light pink yarn, but I think I can still get in ONE MORE hat with what remains, if I wait until I can get access to my white leftover yarn at home.  So there will be one more hat, bringing this year's total up to 18 hats.  Not too shabby.  (I'm trying to think of what I'll do next year... and I have an idea... but that's another story for another day.)

I have also made progress on the mystery mitten- getting one off the needles (a sneak peek at the palm- because that's not what we're really all curious to see here) and casting #2 on.


I'm trying to motivate myself to sit down, even after I finish this post and just focus on getting the cuff finished and mitten started.  It would be REALLY nice to get to the thumb before the big move... but I'll have to keep you posted on that one!

I also, after many agonizing emails to my poor suffering MiL, chose a yarn for the argyle blanket.  I was unable to find the color I wanted in a local shop in town (I went to 3!) and so I ordered Ultra Pima from Cascade from the Loopy Ewe and will begin that project just as soon as the yarn arrives.  (And my house is in a reasonably finished state...)  The leaves are starting to change colors and I find myself really inspired to knit blankets again.  (This is my curse.)

Wish us luck on Thursday- I'm really ready to go home!


Anonymous said...

I like what I can see. Mil

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well...and your "new" space is all you hoped it would be. Mom xo

Susan said...

Could you direct me to the pattern for the baby hats? Your knitting is amazing. If I tried to knit those mittens I think they would give me a headache but you make it look so easy! :-)

Jen said...

Hi SUSAN! I hope you can see this- I still haven't figured out a way to respond to blog posts!

The hat pattern is one given to us from the Rockyview hospital. It is REALLY easy to follow. Are you on Ravelry? If you message me there I can get you a copy of the pattern. It's one of those "share with anyone" patterns- I'd be happy to pass it along!

Susan said...

Yes, I am on Ravelry--what is your username? Mine is pyemb. Thanks Jen!