It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Knitting content is extremely light this week, simply because I've been distracted, frantically trying to finish another project.  I've looked back in my blog posts in 2011, thinking I may have mentioned it previously, but it appears I didn't.

Before Parker was born, my sister and I spent a weekend making a Quiet Book for him.  Specifically, I bought the pattern for this quiet book.  I stupidly thought we could "bang this out" in a weekend.  WHOO BOY was I wrong.  We spent a good/whole weekend, crafting this project and only got about 4 pages done.  My mom swooped in and did some embroidery for me.  We always said we'd spend more rainy/snowy weekends finishing it, but we never have.  Recently I've often thought about the book and how much Parker would enjoy it right now.  Well, eventually, my guilt got the best of me and I decided enough was enough, I was going to finish the damn book.

I'm close too.  Sister came back for a day and contributed to another page and I've been sacrificing knitting nap times in the name of working with felt.  I've nearly got all the move-able activities done.  (One more page!)  All that remains is the dreaded embroidery and sewing.  Oh guys, I am SO. SO. SOOOOOO. bad at embroidery.  Like SHOCKINGLY bad at it.  I promise to show you all the work I've been putting into this book just as soon as it's finished, but in the mean time here's an "overall" work in progress shot.


That's not to say I've completely ignored the knitting.  I managed to knit 2 sections on a charity blanket (STASH BUSTING YAY!) and get it out the door!  (WCOBB called Stripey Bits)


I also managed to cast on Umaro and get the first ball out the door.  Umaro is a lovely pattern, but does require some attention to be paid, so it's going to be slower moving that I had hoped.


I apologize that we're kind of light on knitting content this week- I've been very very busy, just not as much as I'd like with the yarn.  I'm hoping to finish this book next weekend, and then, back to knitting!  There will hopefully a big post after the weekend showing you the finished book.  It's actually pretty awesome... if you can overlook the really crap embroidery skills.

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