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Monday, February 16, 2015

Finishing Fanatic

Can I just say how good it feels to finish stuff!?  SO GOOD.  So very very good.

Rainbow Hugs and Kisses is the latest thing to get the "DONE" treatment.


Pattern: Band #66 from the"Mosaic Knitting" by Barbara Walker
Yarn: Loops & Threads Impeccable Brights in "Red Hot", "Orange Crush", "Sunny Day", "Kelly Green", "Royal Blue" and "Amethyst" and "Black"
Needle: US 9
Notes: This blanket is a little longer than I'd like, but I wanted to get a full 2 color repeat through out.  I'm also pleased with the 3 stitch border and will do that again for remaining blankets.


(Just a look on the wrong side so you can see how nice and short the floats are.)

It's lovely isn't it?

The minute that the blanket made it's way to the blocking board I began progress on the mitten in earnest.  As I neared the end of the mitten I got really, REALLY nervous that I wasn't going to have enough yarn.  Running out of yarn before the project is finished is like one of my greatest nightmares.  In the past I've alleviated this panic by over-buying yarn.  But, now that I'm more focused on stash busting I do my best not to over- buy.... but it does lead to hairy moments where your brain says "it's not enough."


I made it to the end of the mitten thankfully with a little bit of leftovers.  (Pictured above)  I then decided I would knit a little bit of the thumbs on each mitten at a time to see how far I could make the yarn last.  I am happy to report (and kill the suspense) that I HAD ENOUGH FOR BOTH THUMBS!  But it was a tight finish... this is all I had left!!


WHEW!  The even better news is that I got right to weaving in the ends (oh my goodness do I hate weaving in ends!) on this and the mittens are currently blocking.  (A blog update soon- I promise!)

And so, with only 1 goal remaining I jumped right in and cast on sock #2.


It's been a productive week!  I can't wait to show you what else I finish this month!

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