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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Being away from the blog for so long you'd probably expect me to say "HEY LOOK I STARTED SOMETHING NEW and I was so so so so so so so so so into my new project I didn't blog for a stretch there.  BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that I have a million progress photos to show you!"

In a way it's kind of true.

After getting my kudos there with the front page of the Western Arts entry pamphlet thingy, I really started wracking my brain about what I was going to enter for the Stampede this year.  I was just beginning to work on an idea when an EVEN BETTER IDEA struck.  And lordy if I can make it work, it's gonna be awesome-sauce with a side of awesome.  And so, because ideas need to be developed, every day at nap time I get out the pencils and graph paper and I am working like a fiend.  Unlike last year's project, much of what I wanted to do was easy to figure out or use existing charts online.  I'm down to a few piddly details.... which of course is just EATING AWAY AT MY SOUL.  It's always these teeny-tiny little things that don't work just right that DRIVE ME INSANE.  And here we are again.

Sadly- it'll be blog silence on a lot of this- with very few sneak peeks until I can enter my project and leave it in the hands of the judges.  Until then you're just stuck hearing about it.  On top of it being a Stampede entry surprise, it might also be a surprise for another family member, so work on this project will need to be stealthy.  My current goal is to have the pattern locked down and designed by April 15 so that I can cast on April 16.  I'd really like to not be knitting this hours before it needs to be entered in the Stampede this year.

Lest you think it's been all work and no fun around here I have managed to knit another 4 hats and get some sock progress in .  My little leftover pile is beginning to look smaller finally!

Untitled Untitled Untitled 

And last weekend a quick trip out to Ottawa allowed me some knitting time and the travelling sock became, well, a sock (that needs a pair now).


GIANT ASIDE... My kid LOVES Bob the Builder.  LOOOOOVES.  Like Bob is a religion at our house.  And so, when we realized there was a  Bob exhibit at the National Children's Museum in Ottawa and it was the last weekend (and you should know they stopped making Bob toys in 2005 so doing or seeing anything Bob related is SCARCE) we felt we had to GO.  And so, we did.  A quick in/out trip (where yes, there was knitting!) and my kid got to meet his hero.

He looks pretty happy, non?

Okay well that's all there is to report for this month.  I need to figure out a blanket to knit for a friend due in July- so my goals for April are fairly simple:

1) Finalize Stampede Pattern by April 15- Cast on!
2) Figure out Baby Blanket for baby in July and procure the yarn to knit it.
3) Keep knitting hats

I can't believe it's the end of March!  Where does the time go!?

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