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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Checking In

As discussed in my last blog post- I had finally decided on some April goals to achieve.. let's check in... shall we?

1) Finish charting the pattern for my next Stampede Mystery Project by April 15

I AM SO CLOSE guys.  So close.  I should finish it today at Parker's nap time.  All that remains is to figure out how I'm going to do a small border on one part.  In the last 2 days things have really come together and I'm so excited to cast on.  Since this is a surprise for my husband, I can't knit on it while he's home, so I'll need to make the most out of preschool/naptimes.  BUT I'm on track to start this, well before I had started last year.  PROGRESS.  My goal is to start knitting on Friday, even if it's just a little bit done.

2) Select a pattern and buy the yarn for the next baby blanket

Funny story on this one.  I had selected a pattern and procured yarn and all was well and good and then we found out that baby is a GIRL and I decided everything I had selected was wrong.  I had originally selected "Jackson's Blanket" and bought the yarn to go with it....


.... but it just doesn't feel "right" now.  And so I'm going in another direction with THIS pattern.  Right now I haven't bought the yarn because I can't decide whether to do in pinks or purples.  VOTE NOW... shades of PINK or shades of PURPLE?

So what am I going to do with the yarn I bought?  I had considered returning it but the truth is the color is a great "we're not finding out the gender" color and I'll likely want to knit that other blanket at some point for someone else.

3) Finish the Hats

Again I'm so close to this one.  I've added 2 more additions to the pile.

Untitled Untitled

I likely have 1 or maybe 2 more in the leftovers and then I'm done.  That little pile yielded a lot more hats than I thought it would!

Other than that I've had a couple of charity blankets show up that have also required a bit of attention- but let's save that for another day?

Hope you're April has been as productive as mine!  (So far...)

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