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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Missing Mojo Part 15,984

Spring is sprung...
The grass is ris'...

Oops.  May 13 and this is my first May post!  Sorry guys!

This seems to happen around the same time every year.  Spring comes and around and shines it's lovely sunshine rays down and my brain goes "I cannot. knit. another. stitch."  This inconviently happens, it seems, everytime I have actual knitting deadlines to meet or when I'm in thick of a project and it starts to lose some of it's "hey this is new and fun and challenging and exciting and woo!" shine.

Gentle reader, I have to admit, there have been several days in the last 2 weeks when I haven't even touched my knitting.  *gasp* *clutches pearls in terror*  I've been distracted getting my backyard bloomin' (and spending too much time covering it up every night because it keeps getting too cold! grrrr) and cleaning up my house to really sit down and focus on knitting.

That's not to say that there hasn't been any progress, it's just, not the usual "look how productive I've been" pace you've become use to from me.

The mystery mittens are shaping up well (and even fit the right sized hands!) and I'm on track, (if I get my mojo back) to finish them for the end of June.


Got any ideas on what theme I went with this year?  Here's another spoiler shot....


Sadly my husband, who's June birthday these were intended for, accidently ruined himself on the surprise when he was syncing up my iphone and saw pictures.  I'm disappointed that my attempt to go covert was ruined but I'm hoping that maybe he'll try to stay away from all of the surprises and still have something unexpected to look forward to for his birthday.  *ahem* HINT *ahem*

The blanket pace is looking rather bleak....


So you have reference for it- here's a pic of what it looked like the last time I posted a blog post...


YIKES.  Not much.  I need to finish the mittens and kick into high gear on this project.  The one small kudos I can give myself is that I have stayed on top of the end weaving in and it won't be horribly overwhelming when I do finish this project.

I'll try to be better.  I'll try to ramp up the progress here and make this an interesting blog again- but until then you'll have to endure my little lapse of ennui until I can really start grinding out stitches again.  Until then- happy SPRING and enjoy the sun, I know I have!

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