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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Where I'm At Now

When last you left me, I was in a heap in a corner, weeping over the sheer stupidity of screwing up so badly on the purple blanket.  I put it in time out and I walked away.  I did the only thing I could think of when knitting made me so angry.  I knit something else.  I knit something else I really like knitting.  I cast on a pair of mittens.


They are actually going quite well.

The thumb has an after thought thumb, which I hate, so I have added my own little pattern for a gusset in order to be sure there's a better thumb spot.  I have it in my head that I will gift Parker's teachers every year with a pair of hand knit mittens so I'm preparing a stash so that I don't panic every December for the next 14 years.

After I had cast on the mitten I got an email from my MiL.  MiL knows me well enough to know I couldn't just leave the error...


Why yes.... I'm extremely lucky to have her aren't I?  I felt badly handing it off to her but I knew if I didn't I would likely not touch this again.  And so I did- and she told me to look it at like old time's sake when she used to fix my knitting all the time.

I got this back on Sunday, and true to her word she had pulled out the ends and ripped the whole thing back for me.  (Insert angels singing here)  Each color block was neatly rolled into balls and she left a few rows for me to rip back so that I could get it back on the needles.  This was EXTEMELY kind of her to do that for me.

My intention today is to get it back on the needles and repositioned to knit.  Maybe even knit a few rows TODAY and get the trajectory of this thing back on track.  The problem is that I'm really enjoying the mitten knitting and I only want to work on that.  Also, there are 3 charity blankets enroute to me at the moment that are also going to take up my time.  I'm seriously questioning if I can get this blanket done in time for July 15 (Baby's due date).  It feels mean to the mom to hope that it's late.... but I'm hoping this kid hangs out in there for a while longer.

I take the mystery project in tomorrow- and soon there will be pictures and all will be revealed.  Aren't you excited?!

In the mean time let's enjoy some photos of my backyard and all the gardening that has been happening around here!

Stay tuned- it's about to get interesting on the needles.....


Kari Provencher said...

What an angel your MIL is!!

Robin said...

I know your MIL personally and she is an angel. Glad your followed your heart and MIL's advise.