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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Yay Summer

This is me right now "YAY SUMMER!"... but it also means knitting suffers at the hands of other more summery past times.  Which means, this blog sort of suffers on content while I'm busy soaking up enough vitamin D to get me through the rather long, cold Canadian winters.

*ugh* I just thought about winter... in August.  I have cursed us haven't I?

Now that I am no longer suffering at the hands of the Tickled Purple blanket I have managed to squeak out some progress on the projects that aren't completed here.

A quick trip to Kelowna for a wedding over the long weekend meant that the travelling sock progressed a little bit...


... that's probably a good thing since more sock yarn showed up last week- which I didn't really need.  But I have a Felici problem and there's no known cure for it.  (But at least one of these colorways will likely be perfect for travelling sock for next year.)


The mitten has also seen a lot more progress and I'm hoping that it will be finished before the end of this month.  (Especially since I have to knit another one yet to stay ahead of Christmas teacher knitting...)


And, as if that wasn't enough, I also started a Saskatchewan Roughrider themed blanket for WCOBB.  Because, you can apparently take the girl out of Saskatchewan but not the Saskatchewan out of the girl.


There's another charity blanket here now that is doing an excellent job eating up scraps of acrylic yarn and then there should be a break for a bit on those for now.

At some point I'd really like to knit another baby hat for a preschool mom (due in October) and would also like to figure out a sweater to knit for the fall- but who wants to look at sweaters when it's +30 out?  Not me.  So for now, I'm just going to try and squeeze some knitting in and amongst all this sunshine and desire to soak up the rays.

Hope your summers are going as well as mine... even if it means your knitting progress is suffering a little.  :-)

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