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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lazy Summer

Where'd you go?  I just slipped into a bit of oblivion this last week or two.. transitioning to the slower pace summer affords.  That's not to say things haven't been happening... it's just that I've been a bit lazy to address it.  Blogging seems less of a priority when the sun is shining and there's adventure to be had.

We've had a weird summer for us in Calgary so far.  Rain.  So much rain.  Sunny mornings with storms rolling in in the afternoon.  It's unusual.  We usually get 3 or 4 good thunder storms in a summer span.  This July we've had one nearly every day.  It puts a damper on enjoying the summer but I suppose as a knitter it also means I'm indoors more to get some knitting done.

The second scrappy blanket is coming along quickly.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

I have two more sections to knit and then it will be done and then I'll block both blankets and put them in the finished pile.  I hope to have this blanket finished by the end of this week.  Neither of these two acrylic blankets I've knit have really dented the stash like I had hoped.  SO, I guess I'll keep knitting more.  It gives me a chance to knit the simple stuff and I must admit I'm sort of enjoying the ease of simple this summer.

Another quick trip to Saskatchewan, this time child-free, meant that I got to work on my travelling sock again and I've now reached the point where the end should come quickly...


I love having a quick sock on the go to grab, and as our summer vacation approaches I'm wondering if I should include another one or if I should finally get around to committing some time to the hats, which I have been conviently forgetting about.  

August posting will likely be sporadic.  There's a lot going on and at one point we'll be away for a bit.  Do not fret my lovely pets if you don't hear much from me... I'll be back in September with much to say and new projects to cast on and hopefully with some finished photos of stuff to show!  I'm NOT participating in the Ravellenic games this year.  I can't find myself mustering enough enthusiasm for the Olympics to even think about knitting on a deadline so I will cheer for those who are knitting from the sidelines.  (Go team Canada!)  For now I'm just going to let myself indulge in the laziness of summer and see what I can come up with.  (The weatherman is also promising less rain in August and so I'm hoping to capitalize more evenings OUTSIDE and less inside knitting.)

Hope your summers are feeling as lazy as mine is....

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