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Friday, March 17, 2017

☘ Top 'O the Knitting Day to Yah... ☘

I'm not all that Irish.  Can you tell?

In honor of Saint Patrick's day, I made some rainbow cookies.  (Totally unrelated to knitting but it's crafty and I'm proud of these so I have to show 'em off somewhere!)


March has moved along quickly, and so have my projects.  While I'm not done, I certainly can see some progress being made.

The blanket is creeeeeeeeping towards the finish line.


 I've sort of reached that "meh" point where I don't really want to be knitting on it anymore.  I'm hoping to just go all out this weekend and get it off the needles so my brain can do something new.

The sock is still delighting me enormously.


I love the colors (and the pattern for that matter) and they just make me happy to work on.  I've been purposefully getting to Parker's school early just so I have more time to knit on them.  I'd really love to have these finished up by the end of March just to feel like I've gotten some things done.

I'm still considering the sweater.  I still love it- but I need to make sure I'm ready to make a commitment to a sweater.  With spring around the corner my brain tends to start looking fondly at smaller/less warm things and a sweater feels like a big warm thing to be sitting on my lap.  I have also found out that one of the Kindergarten teachers is pregnant and so I think I will squeak out a little teddy bear hat and boots for her, because it's too cute not to share.

Progress has been slower than I've liked, but we find ourselves very busy over here at "Chez Nennie".  There are solar systems to build....


And big ski trips and achievements to be had.


(My kid, skiing blue and BLACK runs this last weekend!  So proud!)

Ski season is going to start winding down here... and hopefully I'll find a little more time for "knitting season" again.  In the mean time, I'll just keep grinding out what I can and that will get me to the finish line eventually.

Have a happy St. Pat's everyone!

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