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Monday, June 18, 2007

Free at Last!

Look at it... isn't it beautiful!? A brilliant work of excellence- and an ode to persevernce! The baby blanket is done.

Pattern: Leisure Arts Sweet Baby Afgans Book (Baby Blocks) also known as the Mason Dixon Ball Band pattern
Yarn: Pink- Bernat Baby Soft and Green- TLC Baby- both acrylic, (try not to gag)
Needles: Denise set, US size 7
Measurements: 30" wide and 39" long

I've actually knit this pattern before, and I must suffer from memory loss, because I forgot how bored I got with it. The first 15 inches or so, knit up pretty fast, especially since I was pretty excited by the color combo, but then I just got bored, and distracted by the 'Mindless socks'. I went from bored to completely unmotivated to finish, with this bad boy pretty quickly. What kills me about this pattern is it just looks so good when it's all finished, and it makes the boredom almost worth it. (And lets face it, I'm a sucker for punishment, I'll probably be posting a picture of this next year too...)

Here's a shot of the blanket in all of it's stretched out, 39" glory...

And here's an excellent shot of the stitch pattern close up- (I LOVE this color combo... it reminds me of watermelon bubble gum)

If finally finishing this blanket wasn't enough excitment, I also finished up the mindless socks. I've already spoken here about how much I enjoy and get excited by self striping sock yarn, (I'm such a fiber geek), but these socks were just an awesome distraction and a lot of fun to knit up.They look lovely don't they? And look how good I made the stripes match up?! I actually cut the yarns at the end of the heel and joined in new yarn so the heel wouldn't mess up the pattern. (Yes- I AM that awesome.)
Pattern: The Yarn Harlot's Basic Sock Pattern
Yarn: Online- Garne, Supersocke 100 (Summer color)
Needles: US Size 2

It's funny really, that this pattern, just straight knitting, around and around around and around, was more exciting to me than the baby blanket with a unique stitch pattern- but I was really motivated by these. (I blame the self-striping 'high'.) Anyways, I'm really pleased with how they turned out... too bad I have to wait until winter to wear them. (It's too hot right now!)

It feels good to have these puppies up and out and new projects in the hopper. This should hopefully be the last baby blanket I have to knit until August. (I have to go knock on wood now because, by just saying it, I've probably induced 14 baby announcements this week...)

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I love the hot watermelon action!!!