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Monday, June 11, 2007

Strictly Boring

AHHHHHHHH!!! This baby blanket I'm knitting will NEVER. EVER. END! Ever. Stitch after stitch and I feel like I'm getting no where.

I seem to always run into this problem- I start off "gung ho" and happy about the new pattern and the first ten inches knit up so quickly that I think to myself "I'm going to finish this blanket in no time". AND THEN... twenty inches later I hate the blanket, hate the pattern, hate the yarn and most importantly, HATE MYSELF for committing to knit it in the first place.

I have made a pact that once this baby blanket... OF DOOM... (as I'm now calling it), must be finished before I leave New Haven. MUST. I have three reasons for this self-imposed deadline; a) the baby it is intended for is finally home, (after a long stay in the preemie wing) and I'm feeling terribly guilty that I have not delivered on my promised gift, b) I'm leaving New Haven at the end of June and do not want to pay to ship it and c) I will lose ALL MY SANITY if I have to think about knitting this blanket in July, after we've moved.

I keep promising myself a lovely little baby blanket hiatus once it's done, and I've already started dreaming up my next couple of items to knit to keep me focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. All I can do right now is buy sock yarn, so it would be really nice to ACTUALLY KNIT THE SOCKS- instead of the stash growing to an even bigger out of control mess than it is.

So, in order to meet this challenge head on- and to maintain my sanity, I have the "IMMEDIATE BABY BLANKET PLAN"- in full implementation. If I can knit 2 inches a day, I'll be done in 5 more days. This isn't really that bad either- it's 24 rows of knitting, which I've timed to take about 3.5 hours to complete. I can do this. I can handle this. AND, as a reward, if I've knitted my requisite 2 inches, if I still have time in the evening, I allow myself the "mindless sock" as a happy distraction.

5 more days. I can do this. I know I can do this. Just FIVE. MORE. STINKING. DAYS. until I'm free.

The count down is on... and I can't WAIT.

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