It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hat Sunday, Ravelry and Ebay

Alas, hat Sunday proves to be fruitful again. Behold the hats that I knit in the name of stash busting!

And, in case you were wondering what kind of stash the MiL and I are trying to bust, I thought I'd also include a picture of the Bernat Softee Baby stash.

Um.... yeah. We can basically choose from every color combo available!! For the most part, this is leftovers from various blankets the MiL has knit, (she too has the unfortunate luck of knitting 90 zillion blankets a year), and I continue you to hold her to the "you better knit from my stash too" rule.

That is... if my stash ever arrives. I suppose it's not like I'm really using the current stash I brought with me, but now the moving company is telling us our stuff won't arrive until around Aug 9-22... I'm trying to pretend that this fact isn't depressing me. I MISS MY STASH!

In other news, I've spent the better part of the last three days completely "ravelry-ed". OH MY GOD is that site ever wonderful. I love that just by clicking a button, I'm connected to a tonne of options and ideas to knit. Like a pattern? Click on it and see the hundreds of the same item someone else has knit in various sizes and colors. Not only that it connects you to equally obsessed knitters instantly. I haven't gone on a "friending binge" yet, only because I'm trying to get myself adequately represented on there first. I can look at yarn pictures, finished objects and even a place where they have a hall of shame type FO's. It's glorious. I love Ravelry. If you knit, you should be on there. Go now to the homepage and sign up for a beta tester. The wait is a bit much, but it's TOTALLY worth it!

In fact Ravelry has already forced me to spend some money. I found a cardigan pattern that I absolutely MUST have. The pattern was found in a back issue of "Rebecca Magazine" and a quick ebay search, and a bid later, I was the winner. That won't most likely arrive until the end of the month, which is good, because I'm still trying to make good on the yarn diet's manifest decreeing that I cannot buy yarn until September.
So, yes, it's been a busy weekend... with all kinds of things in the fire for this week.

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