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Monday, July 23, 2007

Hat Sunday!

Okay, so remember how I agonized how much stash to bring to last me 1 whole month without my stash and eventually settled on this?

Apparently I shouldn't have spent so much misery on it, because I have discovered something much more interesting and self gratifying... knitting from someone ELSE'S stash. That's right, it's bad enough that I have entire box of neglected yarn (with KOIGU no less), waiting for me, my MiL got me hooked on knitting from HER stash. She's been knitting baby hats for Rockyview hospital. They're simple, they're quick and addicting and most importantly, they eat left over yarn.

That's 2 afternoons of just casual, "I'll just knit a few rows" . THREE. STINKIN' HATS. I've had to put a hat ban on myself already, because otherwise nothing I intended to work on will get done. Since I kind of like that it's charity knitting and I like that it eats stash, I've declared Sunday as "Hat Sunday". It will be the only day devoted to baby hat knitting. Sunday, and only Sunday, I can knit little baby hats to my little heart's content. Also, I'll be keeping a running tab, with a goal of knitting at least one baby hat per week.

I think the hats were so addicting because the Spiral Socks were wrongly named. They should have been named "THE INSANITY SOCKS". I don't know what it is, or I'm just not engaged, (because I'm not), but I have made mistake, after mistake, after mistake, AFTER MISTAKE on this stupid pattern. With every 4 or 5 rows I knit, I will envitably have to go 2 or 3 rows back to fix an error. (I'm of the "OCD" knit set... meaning I can't seem to just let invisible errors go.) Progress has been slow, and painful, and motivation is at an all time low to finish.

That's not to say I'm not making ANY progress. My goal is to focus on this annoying sock this week and never look at the pattern again. Ever. (And I don't really think it's the pattern maker's fault... {although the toe is not that great}, its clearly the knitter with the problem.) Thankfully the leg is beginning to form and I'm making some headway.

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