It has been since I last bought yarn!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fran the Enabler

I've had a falling down of sorts. I don't suppose I was on any actualy yarn diet, but I do have enough sitting in the stash that it didn't warrant a yarn purchase. And yet- here is the stash's latest... Cherry Tree Hill's sock yarn in Spring Frost.

The last post I went on and on about having no time to knit, then Thursday I got to my argyle sock class and this yarn practically jumped off the shelf into my arms from the moment I walked in. See- I actually almost bought this yarn 8 months ago. It was after the first Cherry Tree Hill socks I ever knit and I was absolutely enamored with the yarn. After doing a little ebay shopping I found the Spring Frost color and heavily debated buying it. I was sidetracked by a negative ebay online knitting purchase however and never did buy it.

Enter Thursday and I walked over to the yarn display and there it was. I knew it was "spring frost" before I even looked at the label. It was beautiful. Simply beautiful. I picked it up and said "oh look it's spring frost"- which I think kind of freaked out the yarn shoppers who were like "who is this weird person who knows the names of yarns by sight only?" The colors were beautiful and I immediately thought to myself... "self, this is too coincidental to let pass by."

Except I did. I restrained. I sat down, away from the yarn and focused on knitting my sock. Only... I also sat next to Fran in my class. Fran who saw me pick up the yarn and covet. Fran who watched me put the yarn back like a good little knitter who already has a monster stash. Fran who watched my eyes move over to the sock yarn even while I was supposed to be paying attention and knitting in my class. And that's when Fran started... "you should buy that yarn"... "you really owe it to yourself to buy that yarn"... "you need to celebrate your first pay cheque with that yarn"... "you were meant for that sock yarn".... "take it home.... take it home... oh look, I'll bring it over to you!"

And that's when I crumbled. I could resist purchasing the yarn when it was a fair distance from me, but when Fran, the ENABLER, brought the yarn that I covet for one "final" inspection, she knew what she was doing. I could not restrain any longer... helpless in the face of the pretty, pretty yarn, I caved and bought it.

Fran, for all intensive purposes is a pretty nice woman- funny, obsessed knitter, what's not to like, but I'm going to have to watch out for her... she knows my weaknesses and she doesn't respect my budget. (In the interest of full disclosure Fran also left with yarn which she found while picking up my "spring frost" yarn- so I suppose technically my obsession enabled her... but I digress.) I have one class left... and there was some other stuff I really liked in the store, if Fran enables me again, I'm going to have to take her home with me so she can explain the yarn purchases to the husband!

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