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Monday, September 10, 2007

I Don't "DO" Patience

Some pretty pink hats for hat Sunday! One is plain and boring and the other is a very cute little basket weave. I've been rather lazy on the whole "creative hat" thing as of late... perhaps I'm losing a little of the "steam" I once had for such an addictive little project.

The Tilted Duster is at a standstill... and I can hardly stand it. I moved along on the fronts/back and sleeves quickly, but now I can't really go further, until I can block the fronts and backs at least. Viola... I call this "Duster in Pieces"

Sadly, my blocking supplies... ie TRUSTY WATER BOTTLE, are in a box, somewhere in a warehouse in Calgary. (Hey... at least they're in Calgary... took them long enough.) Our stuff is scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning, meaning that I can finally a) be reunited with my stash and b) UNPACK and settle in this one horse town. All this vigor and unpacking is not going to leave a lot of time for the Duster to get attention until sometime around the weekend. *sigh*

The thing is, this sweater pattern, so far, has been pretty fun to knit, and I'm DYING to get it off the needles and on my back! So, it sucks that I have to be patient and put some other things, like MOVING INTO MY CONDO after a month of living without stuff, ahead of the knitting project. (It also doesn't help that I've started my new job, and so my days will be busy with this whole "working thing" that people apparently do EVERY DAY. {I'm kidding}) I'm already missing my knittery life of leisure in New Haven, where I knit when I wanted and where I wanted essentially.

Hopefully I can get a little sweater time in this weekend, I might even sacrifice a "hat day" if it means making some serious project on my sweater.

Oh yeah?? Remember how I said I was sick of socks? That lasted all of about 28 minutes... because I'm totally "jonesing" to cast on the "Whispering Lace" sock in my pretty varigated pink Koigu, despite my COMPLETE lack of time to give it. Not to mention that I start my Argyle sock class next week and will have to commit to that one for awhile. Can I be patient enough to wait? OR do I cast the sock on now and watch it get neglected for the next month? Stay tuned...

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eusebius said...

Oh lord, give me patience ... but not yet ;)

Beautiful colour on the duster. It will look great and be all the more satisfying for the wait!