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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hat Sunday Returns!

Well, well, well.... look what's back!?? Hat Sunday... actually KNIT on a SUNDAY! That's pretty mind blowing in itself, I know, but I thought it was time to catch you all up on what's on the needles these days. But first a note on hat Sunday, I'd really like to get back into the habit of doing weekly hats for charity again. (You'll note the positive step I took in casting on hat #2 immediately after hat #1.) So, look for more hats-- and if not, comment and ask me where the heck the hats are... that oughta guilt me enough to get back at it!

On the Needles #1: Wicked

Yes, she is coming along swimmingly, isn't she? It also doesn't help that this is all that I want to knit right now- I've even had the legendary knitting nightmares about stitches falling off, which means I'm really into this project! This is the first top down sweater I've ever made, and I'm loving the lack of seams and the fact that I can try this on as I go. If you haven't yet knit a top-down, I'd highly recommend foraying into the world on this technique. I'm hoping to finish this baby before the weekend of my company ski trip, which inconviently is in two weeks. Sadly I cannot devote entire weekends to knitting it, given that I've been trying to spend at least one of those days on the weekend on the ski hill, trying to make myself look like less of an ass on the ski trip. (My ski skills leave much to be desired.)

Project #2 - Anna's Socks

Give me credit here- this is vast progress than where I was before. I've instituted lunchtime knitting at work, (which at first garnered stares and then slowly closeted knitters began coming out of the wood work), which is both helping me to not go and eat a zillion calories at lunch AND get some projects that have been on the needles too long. I'd like to devote 6 or 7 hours to this puppy, as I'm pretty convinced I could get it cast off. I'd like to give grandma her socks BEFORE Christmas 2008.

Project #3 - Whisper Lace Socks

Nope, didn't forget about these either- they've just been back burnered due to other pressing projects and Christmas knitting. I feel terribly guilty that it's taking me this long to just "get on with it" already- but my won't they be cute when they ARE done?

I'd really just love to sit down and commit to these projects, because I feel like I could quickly pull them off the needles if I just had time- but I don't, because there are TWO baby blankets that need to be made, (none of which are started!), for MARCH. Yes! You get to look forward to excessiving whining about having to knit baby blankets! Aren't you excited!?!? I'm actually just a "wee" bit excited about one of the projects as I'm planning to use the new fancy knitting software to design the pattern. If all goes according to plan, I could actually post my first free pattern. (The husband is hoping that I will excel at this pattern design enough that I will start selling my patterns... while I am flattered by the husband's faith in my ability, I hope he's not too disappointed when his MOM is the only one who offers to buy it. {Phyllis... there's a tremendous "thanks for letting me live at your house, sleep in your bed, eat your food, mess up your bathrooms" discount})

So there you go... a little update on what's going on these days. At some point I'd also like to discuss my recent obsession- "podcasts"- and how totally addicted I am.... but there is little room today. (And as you can see, the knitting agenda is getting quite packed!)

Cross your fingers for some FO's soon!

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