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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ringing In the New Year Right

It seems like a little Christmas vacation was all I needed to finally get my butt in gear and finish up Jodi's Baby Blanket.

Behold- the Blanket of Boredom!

Pattern: This is a pattern passed on to me from the MiL- and there's no particular link for it. I can tell you that she and I have made this one A LOT.
Needle Size: US 8
Yarn: Bernat Satin (acrylic... please forgive me yarn snobs) in "Banana" and "Lagoon"
Thoughts: While the feel of this blanket is very pleasing and soft, I will admit the yarn is about heavy and you can feel it pulling the project. I did enjoy the bigger needle size and yarn overs, both which I'm sure contributed to my quicker finish on this project. The pattern itself knits up quick, (blame the yarn overs), and so is great if you have a little time. This is the second time I've knit this pattern though- and I'm really ready to challenge myself with something new... and hopefully ENGAGING.

Behold! Close up of the stitches! (For all you "let me see if up close" folks out there...)

As if finishing this blanket didn't give me enough joy, I finished it in time to work on Wicked on New Year's Eve and Day. (That's what I call ringing the New Year in fresh.... fresh new yarn, fresh new pattern!) Using the newly procured Hacho yarn (#302) from Pudding's sale. This is the first top down sweater I've ever knitted and so far it's kind of fun. (Although what they say about knitting the yoke of the thing and being tedious is not far from the truth!)

Viola! New! Exciting! Project!

And.... as promised- a shot of the Christmas haul this year:

Husband got me a great needle case, (his first knitting related gift to me- I'm so proud!!), for Christmas, which is great and snazzy to hold the needles in. I got the much wanted "Book of Yarn"- that is a wealth of incredible fiber information, from my parents. And from the in-laws, a fantastic knitting program- "Knit Visualizer", as discussed on the Yarn Harlot. I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and sink my teeth into it yet, (I'm very distracted by "Wicked", all I want to do is knit that puppy), but I think it's going to be awesome. It allows one to design their own patterns, using graphs, and then WRITES. OUT. the pattern for you. It does all the thinking. I'm hoping that this is going to open some new designing doors for me, as I'd really like to start exploring that aspect a little more. But that's a bunch of stuff for another entry.

Happy New (Knitting) Year.... wishing you a year full of FO's and lots of S.E.X*.

*Mom: FO = Finished Object and S.E.X = Stash Enhancement Expedition - so no, I'm not a perv!

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Jess said...

Nice work! I've made exactly one blanket (queen-sized, no less, but at about 3st to the in) and it drove me insane. I'd get the urge to burn it about every 4 inches. I've been biased against blankets ever since (which may be why I can't finish my sister's).