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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Knockin' Em Out of the Park

Yup! I'm knockin' em out of the park! That's two blankets in two months! Blanket #2 is done and I'm officially giddy about it!

Pattern: Sunny Cables and Crowns from Leisure Arts Baby Blanket Book
Needle Size: US size 9
Yarn: Bernat Sating in Lapis (5.1 balls)
Thoughts: While the yarn can be a little messy to work with, (leaves fuzzes on your clothes, nothing too intense mind you), the finished product is always worth it. This blanket looks outstanding- the cables pop and the blanket is one of the softest I've made yet. This pattern was great to knit- easy to memorize, yet the cabling kept it interesting and engaging. It's hard to find a pattern so short, that you repeat so often and yet don't want to gouge out your eyeballs from boredom. You'll probably being seeing more of this one.

With the blanket off my conscience, and the promise of a short blanket hiatus, I find myself pretty fired up to make something that does not resemble a long rectangle. I've promised myself a three week break from blankets- just to do something else remotely interesting and engaging. (Not too long, got another baby coming in June and we wouldn't want it to be cold!) My mind is full of things that I want to cram into this hiatus....

The hats continue at a good pace- three more for the month of March to add to the list... (Although according to the hospital they're pretty good on hats at the moment, might have to find a new hospital who wants baby hats since I don't feel like knitting the requested afgans. (I'm sure you understand why.)

And even grandma's sock if finally looking like it could be a PAIR... (I'm really hoping to finish this project while on hiatus... it's time to knit a different sock!)

So, with the promise of spare time, and the desire to do something fun and the excitement of new! and exciting! projects- I've started something "super top secret". Ravelers can check it out on my Ravelry page- but non-Ravelers will have to wait until the super top secret project is in the hands of the desired receipient... who may or may not read this blog! Below is a little teeny clue- but you'll have to trust me... all recealed about this project in time. Stay tuned!

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MayaB said...

Your work is absolutely lovely! Well done, you surely deserve a blanket break.