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Monday, March 3, 2008

Working Day Off

I took the day off today. I knew it had to be done to keep up to the knitting. Being away last week I knew I was going to need a day to catch up on the knitting that went undone. I set some lofty goals- and I was worried I wasn't going to be able to achieve them, but I didn't too bad!

1) Finish and or come respectably close to finishing the Downer Blanket (respectably close is 38 inches in mind- a good place to be that will allow me to finish sometime this upcoming week.)

Not bad eh? There is the downer blanket, in it's 37" glory. I know it's not 38", but after some thought I figured it was best to do the last pattern repeat here and begin the edge to cast off. According to the pattern I should only have 38" anyways, so I'm not cheating! I should hopefully have this burden off the needles by next Sunday. (squee!) I cannot even tell you how many times I've thought to myself that this should already be done- given the whole "ripping back for nothing" incident, but I choose to marvel that I'm very close to being on schedule with this blanket.

2) Get to the 10 inch mark on the new Blue Blanket of Boredom (I am currently sitting at 5")

Okay, so I'm going to be honest here. You're only looking at 8"- but I still see this as a victory. Considering the amount of knitting I did this weekend, being two inches shy on this puppy is still something to be proud of. I'm in good shape to have this done by the end of March as long as we don't hit any incidents like the downer blanket.

3) Finish Grandma's sock, cast on second sock. (I literally have not even a half hour left on sock #1, it is time to move on with this project!!)

Done! (Although it was more like an hour... but still felt good to take it off the needles!) Not only is sock #1 done and ready for the blockers, but sock #2 is cast on and half way thru the cuff.

4) Knit at least one baby hat. (Two would be dreamy, but I'm trying to be realistic here.)

YUP! Done and done and done! I still am a bit behind on the one hat a week plan, but at least I'm sort of keeping up. Once the blankets are done, I'm expecting a bit more hat knitting room.

So there you go- not too shabby on the plans. I'm pretty proud of myself for getting so much accomplished. Knowing that I've only got a month left on blanket purgatory is getting me through the long knitting days. I'm ready to move onto a new project, like socks and sweaters. I am vowing a month long blanket break once this is all done. (The break can't be too long- I want to have another set and ready for the inevitable wave of babies I constantly find myself under.)

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