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Monday, January 26, 2009

God I'm Good!

YUP! It's finished! That was quick! Do you thinkyour standard ten year old girl will like? I think it looks pretty cute!

Pattern: Robin's Egg Blue Hat by Rachel Iufer

Needles: US 9 & 10

Yarn: Nashua "Snowbird" in 'Spring Leaf' and 'Hot Pink'

Notes: SUCH a cute pattern. If I were to make it for me, I'd make it a little bit bigger- but definately a great one to work up in a short time span!

Pattern: Malibrigo Waffles Scarf by Sarah Florent

Needles: US 10

Yarn: Nashua "Snowbird" in 'Hot Pink' and 'Spring Leaf' (So soft!!)

Notes: Another great and easy knit. I really like the little pattern the scarf makes- it's just enough to make any great yarn pop!

This was a great little distraction project. Each piece had that one little element that kept it interesting and I would knit both again! I gave it to the gentleman in my office this am and he seemed sufficiently pleased with it. Sadly I didn't have enough yarn to make cute little mittens, but I'm so into my next project now, I'm glad I don't have to wait to knit it anymore!!

As for the sticky payment procedure, I decided to leave it in his hands. I gave him the receipt for the yarn- and said he had to pay for the matierals, but on top of that he could just decide what he'd like to do. I know that in a way that under values my work, and in the long run if I do more commission knitting I will definately charge more- but I was really at a loss to what he's expecting. I think he's planning to buy me a bottle of wine- which makes me happy- so in general I'm satisfied with the experience.

Anyways- with all my "obligation knitting" off the needles- I'm on to bigger and better things-- namely the knee socks out of the Wollmeise. They are going to be GORGEOUS people! I am so into this project it's all I want to knit- so instead of filling this blog with more chatter... I'm going to get back to my pretty, pretty, socks. (PS the Wollmeise is a DREAM to knit with- I don't care if you have to beg, borrow or steal- GET YOUR HANDS ON IT!)

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Denise~ said...

Very pretty! The little girl will love them I'm sure.

Commission knitting is a bit tough to price. I did some this winter, had him pay for the yarn first and hand it off to me. I gave him an estimate (based on hours expected at an hourly rate of $10 US) and got an agreement before I began designing it. When I finished it I told him how many stitches were in it. That impressed him! If your co-worker doesn't fork over the compensation swiftly mention the stitch count - it boggles the muggles!