It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I have a seriously bad case of stateritis.

In fact- it's running so wildly rampant through my veins right now, that I fear I may never recover.

Starteritis (start-er-i-tiss), for you non knitters out there (HI DAD!) is when the knitter is so inspired by the current batch of projects out there that they want to cast aside whatever they're knitting and start something new. This usually happens when you're slogging through a particular project that's lost it's luster.

My problem? I want to start about 10 things new.

My Ravelry queue is getting massive. I've put patterns that I fully intend to make in my Rav queue. We're up to 16 items now. SIXTEEN!!!! Nevermind that I only knit, (aside from hats) 18 projects last year. I've practically planned my knitting for the YEAR.

In between working, I kept switching over to my Stash page on Ravelry, (I love Ravely so much.... I don't say it enough), and looking at my stash. I LOVE MY STASH. I want to knit from my stash!!!!! I have great yarn! I'm ready to use it. I want to use it! GAH!!!!

I think this particular case of starteritis is due to 4 factors:

a) The Red Blanket of mystery is nearly at the end and it's not what I'd hoped. I hold on to blind faith (and denial) that it will work out and that when I lay it down for the first time I will love it and be proud and it will magically be beautiful. And yet there's this nagging voice in the back of my head that's warning me, scaring me, that I'll probably end up knitting another one that's more to my liking. The very thought of knitting another blanket is enough to send me into a fit of tears. Let's not discuss it further. (And no- I'm past the point of no return, I will not even entertain the idea of frogging it.)

b) I want to enter some projects into the Calgary Stampede Showcase this year. Deadline to do so is June 11. It's far enough now that I could be selective with the projects- but you and I both know that June 10 I'll be knitting like a MAD WOMAN trying to come in on the deadline.

c) I'll just say it. I have a lot of yarn right now. I'm scared to say that loudly- in case the husband (who is the only person I know who uses Ravelry for EVIL- and is monitoring my stash page) reads it and holds it over me. But, um, yeah. I bought a lot at Christmas, got a skein for Christmas, got a skein for my birthday and a bunch of Loopy Ewe money, which I may have already spent a portion of. (You'll not the days since I bought yarn has changed... we'll discuss that on the happy day the yarn arrives.) My stash and I need to make a commitment together. It needs to stay pretty and I need to still want to knit it. (Not a problem right now might I add.)

d) Mittens. The obssession continues. I'm trying not to cast on another pair. And yet-- my willpower has never been weaker.... OH MITTENS I LOVE YOU SO!!!

Since I am apparently so easily distracted, and since I won't allow a new cast on until the blanket project is over with- I'll tell you what I'd rather be making instead! (I've tried to use non-Ravelry links in most cases here so non members can see what I'm talking about too.)

1) The 28thirty sweater. I bought the yarn at the boxing day sale. I bought the pattern at Loopy Ewe this weekend. I'm hoping to have this just in time for a (cross your fingers) early spring. My new Silk Road Aran wants to be used- and this is the perfect project

2) The Lakeside knee socks. I knew one day I'd look at a pattern and say "this is worthy of the Wollmeise"- that time has come. My red wollmeise begs me to knit it up and this pattern is so, so, SOOO pretty.

3) The Noro Scarf. EVERYONE is doing it! And because I'm a lemming and would TOTALLY jump off Niagra Falls if all my friends were, I must make it too. And yes, before you lecture, the yarn is already in my stash-- I just have to cast on! (Except I can't... *sigh*)

4) Mr. Pitt's Socks. This is kind of a weird anomaly for me. These are plain jane, boring and easy. And yet I just want to cast them on. My dad's feet look cold. I have the yarn. WHO AM I TO LEAVE MY DAD'S FEET COLD!? What kind of knitter would I be?

5) Mittens. Oh Mittens I love thee. You give me joy on days when joy is hard to find. I want mittens for me. Mittens for my father-in-law. More Mittens for me. AND MORE mittens for me. And maybe mittens for my sister. Mittens are my crack knitting right now-- I want another hit!

Starteritis is a debilating disease with no known cure... except finishing a painfully boring project. Just looking up these links have weakened me further. Will I succumb? Will my deepest desires become realities? Stay tuned...

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Anne said...

But yarn purchased at Boxing Day Sales doesn't really count in the guilt quota as it was on sale, and therefore a good thing! Good luck with the blanket, and umm, I started new mittens last night too!