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Monday, March 30, 2009

And My Co-Workers Rejoice!

I often knit over my lunch hours- squeezing in a few precious stitches between sandwhich bites and complaining about paperwork. I typically lunch with a regular crew- a few of whom happen to be knitters. I knit often enough that I have a "purse project"- which basically travels around in my purse and I pull out when I'm spared enough time for a couple of stitches. My purse project is also my work project.

The purse project is great in theory for those "MUST KNIT RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BE DRIVEN TO VIOLENT ACTS" moments when you need a little zen infusion. In execution, if you spend any regular amount of time with someone, the slow progress of the purse project drives them to near insanity.

2 weeks ago my regular lunch crew had enough-- and I heard this:

Luncher 1: "I can't sit next to you if you're going to knit those socks- I literally cannot look at them anymore"
Luncher 2: "OH GOD- THOSE SOCKS!? Again? Still!? You still aren't done?!"
Luncher 3: (who may also be related to me) "I hate those socks so much."

No, these are not the protestations of hugely awful and cruel individuals who hate knitters and yarn and sheep as an extension- these are the protests of friends, who have been watching me knit the same pair of socks, with the same yarn since NOVEMBER 25, 2008! I would not be lying to you if I confessed myself that I have a little loathing when I look at them too.



Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina (knitted by like every sock knitter EVER in the history of the KNITTING UNIVERSE) from the now defunct, "Magknits". (You can still find the pattern on Ravelry)
Needles: US 1 or 2.25 mm
Yarn: Zitron Trekking XXL , colorway 133


Notes: I knit these once before, but I forgot just how long they take- for some reason you just keep knitting and knitting- and well... not a good purse project! No complaints on the yarn, or the pattern, both were great, but victim to my inane boredom.


I will say this- I took great care to line the stripes up on these socks- and my efforts wer well rewarded!

So with the socks off the needles, and in "time out" until I get to the point where I can look at them again not feel a heavy case of ennui- I look ahead to the next "purse sock"- which I've decided will be a delightfully simple pattern that will hopefully complete itself much faster! (I have a man in mind for them- so sadly, they must be dull as tombs to fit the male "MY SOCKS MUST NOT HAVE COLOR NOR MUST THEY HAVE WILD/OSTENTATIOUS PATTERNS" dress code they so strictly adhere to.)

In the mean time- I'm certainly glad to be moving on to something new- it'll be nice to sit with the old lunch crew again!


Anne B. said...

For neverending socks of tedium they are pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love the colours...beautiful job!