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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Knitting

It feels like the blog posts have been a lighter recently around these parts. It's not necessarily out of neglect- just out of work. Mostly I have photos of items in various states of completion, but very few pics of completed objects!! This Easter we made a little progress towards getting you, my faithful reader (HI MiL), a completion photo.

Firstly- more hats. With this most recent batch of hats, I'm nearly back on pace for the goal... I mostly knit this weekend, and hats were the priority. I made myself knit 2 hats per day off before I got to work on other projects.


Secondly- say hello to my 28thirty sweater, which is freshly cast off the needles, an upon reading this blog post, I will have (hopefully) finished weaving the ends in and have the sweater pinned up for blocking. We'll still have to wait a little while to see an actual finished photo as I'm actually one button short to sew on. (Cross your fingers that order is in soon!!) But it's good to have something else to focus on...


... Like BABY BLANKETS. OMG people the babies due this fall is STAGGERING. It is a virtual TIDAL WAVE of babies this fall. (It seems like I'm always saying that!) And so I must get to the knitting... I might have to throw a few sweaters in there! At least the Sweetheart blanket is a quick knit-- might have to do that again this summer. (Will you forgive?)


Lastly, I thought I'd show you a picture of the most recent pair of purse socks, that are seeing a lot of action over my lunch hours. (Although thankfully no one has started to complain about about how sick of them they are yet... my goal is to finish them a little sooner.) They're just plain and they're just black- I figure the will be the envy of every man in a close radius. :-)


So there you have it- we're light on blog posts simply due to the fact that I'm heavy on actual knitting. I'm crossing my fingers that there will be some exciting news around here soon. (I'm expecting not one, but TWO knitting orders to show up in the mail. One from Knitpicks- where I broke my embargo on yarn and bought some baby blanket yarn. Can't wait for that one to get here so I can start it ASAP.)

I'll be back- hopefully with some finished stuff for you next time. Until then- back to the knitting.

**I'd like to thank the Masters tournament for providing the perfect background noise to all my knitting progress. Without the Tiger and Phil showdown I would have floundered on that last hat. :-)

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