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Sunday, July 26, 2009

You Have Good Taste!

Back on June 8th- I hit the blog asking you for your opinion and many of you, FIFTY SEVEN OF YOU, took the time to share your opinion. A short time later a winner was chosen and I set to work knitting the blanket that my (adoring?) public voted on. On month later I'm left to reflect that you are have pretty excellent taste!


Pattern: Pretty Fans and Feathers by John Feddersen Jr.
Yarn: Linea Baby Baby Star in pink and white
Needles: US 5
Notes: SUCH A QUICK AND SATISFYING KNIT! I cast on 216 to compensate for the smaller yarn and needles.

I was very concerned that the vergiated yarn would 'pool' instead of evenly distribute the color and the last thing I wanted was to knit something "patchy". Instead the yarn distributed lovely- and the color looks cohesive with my vision. I'm so glad I let you decide! Check out this close up below


With that off the needles on July 14, my brain needed a mini vacation to prepare for the next blanket. And so, I did what any knitter who needs to just not knit a blanket right now, could do, and I worked at getting caught back up on my hat total.


8 more hats to bring me closer to being on track for the year end goal of 52. I'm still a little off, but at least less so now, than a week ago! :-)

BUT- that's not all I did- I also cast on a new purse sock that I'll feature when it actually is a little more finished. (The cuff is done!) AND, I even devoted a whole evening to knitting the Druid mittens, which I was so enchanted with, and I love so much, it was painful to have to put them down. The YARN PEOPLE! The yarn is SO SOFT-- I just want to lay it all out on my bed and roll in it. It's so, so, so, SOFT and yummy!

However, one on a strict blanket deadline cannot spare her time long to knit "fun distractions" and Saturday came, and my mental enforcer kicked in and told me I had to cast on the new blanket. And so, with much saddness, I put away all the fun knitting projects that see progress very quickly, and I pulled out the yarn and the needles and cast on the newest baby blanket due at the end of August:


Luckily the weather was nice and I could sit on my patio and knit outdoors- and so I did, and as of this writing, the blanket is looking like this:


I have to say it- I'm loving the way it looks! Hopefully my enjoyment at how cute this is knitting up is going to carry me to at least 30 inches before I get a serious case of ennui.

And so gentle readers, it appears I'm off again on a new blanket challenge! Keep watching here soon, as I may rely on your most excellent taste again to help me vote on the blanket that will be knit once this one is done.


Anonymous said...

Looking good! I like it! MIL

Anne B. said...

The finished blanket looks lovely, it is a delight. The new one is going to be great as well. AND can't wait to see the new purse socks.